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The Password Pain Is Real: 5 Viral Password Jokes We Can All Relate To

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Password pain is no joke…except when it is. Enjoy this roundup of the funniest and most relatable password memes, tweets, and rants from around the web.

Passwords occupy a strange space in our lives. Likely, you’re using them every single day, but in terms of how much attention we usually pay to them, they’re situated somewhere between our shoelaces and toothbrushes. 

And like shoelaces and toothbrushes, if our passwords suddenly fail us, it’s a massive derailment to our routines. (Ever forget a toothbrush when traveling or break a shoelace on the way out the door? Yeah—the worst.) Those hiccups become particularly maddening because what should be just a tiny cog in our daily machine unexpectedly grinds the whole thing to a halt.   

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At Dashlane, we admittedly think about passwords more than most people. But it seems like “password pain” is having a bit of a moment online these days, and we’ve noticed an uptick in password-related memes and jokes.

Of course, we’re always sharing our favorites internally on our company Slack, but we thought we’d do a roundup of our favorites here. 

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This too-real password exhaustion

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When your hobby becomes tech support 

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This galaxy-brain cybersecurity hack

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People in glass houses…

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When your password becomes your identity instead of protecting it

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