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Dark Web Monitoring

Automatically monitor for compromised passwords and immediately address at the organizational level.

Solutions for IT Admins

Dark Web Monitoring is a Dashlane dashboard that gives IT admins access to real-time insights and alerts about security breaches and other vulnerabilities facing employees in their organization. This tool also provides simple actions they can take to remediate such threats. IT admins are empowered to easily detect, assess, and remediate security risks, all in one place.

Benefits of Dark Web Monitoring for Admins


Risk visibility for all employees

Detect vulnerabilities among ALL employees, whether or not they have Dashlane.


Proactive approach to security

Real-time monitoring and automated alerts when new breaches occur, plus visibility into all vulnerabilities each employee needs to remediate with the Password Health tool.


Simple, effective remediation methods at your fingertips

Easily invite and onboard at risk employees onto Dashlane and enable them to change weak and breached passwords in one click.

Protect employees

Employees don’t have to be security experts to remediate threats with Dashlane’s Dark Web Monitoring tool. This built-in tool does all the work, scanning 20 billion records on the dark web for any leaked data and alerting employees when their sensitive data is involved in data leaks.

How Dark Web Monitoring Helps Employees


No maintenance security

Dashlane automatically monitors the dark web for employees’ email addresses and updates the list daily with any new credentials and passwords obtained from data breaches.


Protection for personal & work life

Real-time monitoring for up to five email addresses and alerts when passwords, bank account numbers, or any other data is found on the dark web.


Easy remediation methods

Employees don’t have to be security experts to remediate breaches. After a breach, Dashlane recommends the actions they should take to secure all compromised accounts, then makes it easy to change compromised logins.

Dark Web Monitoring FAQs

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