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Elevate your digital security with passkeys

Password managers have made it easier to protect your data, but passwords remain the weakest link in both personal and business security. Luckily, there’s a better solution.

Enter passkeys: A faster, more secure way to log in to your accounts.

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What is a passkey?

How passkeys simplify online security


Say goodbye to the forget/reset cycle

Passkeys are created automatically. You don’t have to memorize them, so you’ll never forget them.


Steer clear of phishing scams

Since each passkey is always unique to the website or app it was created for, you can’t unintentionally enter it on a fake site. Passkeys can’t be phished or stolen.


Say hello to stronger security

Passkeys are unique cryptographic keys, which makes them strong by design. There’s no such thing as a weak passkey.


Get secure access in a snap

Passwords and other authentication methods can be risky and hard to manage, but passkeys grant fast, secure access across devices and platforms.

How to manage passkeys with Dashlane


Save passkeys in Dashlane

When you log in or create an account for a website that uses passkeys, we'll ask if you want to create a passkey for that site. Confirm, and you’re done!


Log in to websites with passkeys

When you enter your username for an app or website with a passkey saved in your Dashlane vault, we'll ask you if you want to use your passkey to log in. Confirm, and you’re in!


Manage passkeys saved in Dashlane

Open your Dashlane vault, and you'll see your saved passkeys alongside other logins. View, edit, and delete your passkeys as needed.

Visit the Help Center to learn more.

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How Dashlane is paving the way for passkeys


Working closely with the FIDO alliance

The FIDO Alliance is a non-profit industry organization working to end password dependency. As a board-level member, Dashlane is excited to work with industry partners to promote the era of passwordless innovation around passkeys.


Leading innovation

Dashlane was the first password manager to offer an in-browser passkey solution that allows users to automatically log in across websites without a password.


Ambitiously delivering

Dashlane was the first password manager to demonstrate passkey support on Android and iOS.

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