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Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information

California’s Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”) give Californians rights to control their Personal Data that are among the most robust in the world. Dashlane is committed to complying with these and similar laws.

The CCPA and CPRA let individuals opt out of the sale and sharing of their Personal Data by companies. The CCPA’s definition of “sale” does not require an exchange of money for Personal Data (which we never do) but does include certain data transfers initiated by advertising cookies used on our Site. (See our Cookie Policy for more information.)

Any Dashlane user can stop the sale and sharing of Personal Data as defined by the CCPA and CPRA using the interface below. This will not affect our use of subprocessors to provide our Services, which is permitted under the CCPA and CPRA.

Finally, note that we do not sell, share, or collect Sensitive Personal Data as defined by the CPRA.

Changing the slider to “inactive" will turn off all advertising cookies on the Site. (We will do this even if you are not from California.)

Note that this election may be undone if you later change your cookie settings on the Site or within your browser to allow all cookies.



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