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Why Dashlane

Close the credential security gap

Stolen credentials are the #1 cause of data breaches, and Gartner® recommends that security leaders embrace workforce password management. Enter Dashlane.

This image shows two women collaborating at a desk, overlaid with product imagery of Dashlane’s autofill and phishing alerts features.
The Future of Credential Security Starts Here

Breaches aren’t stopping. Neither is Dashlane.

There’s a better way to solve the password problem. Dashlane is doing what others aren’t—providing complete credential and password management. We promise to:


Secure every point of access

SSO is no longer enough to protect every login. Secure non-SSO accounts and simplify user management by integrating Dashlane with your IdP.


Empower admins

Dashlane equips IT admins with powerful and intuitive tools they can set and forget to protect their whole organization against breaches.


Put people first

Thanks to our award-winning UX, employees love using Dashlane—turning them from weak links into security strengths. 


Deliver security you can track

Dashlane scans billions of breach records, providing Password Health scores, security and phishing alerts, and Dark Web Monitoring.

Learn why Gartner® recommends security leaders embrace workforce password management

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 What I Use: Dashlane (Premium)

Leading innovation to stay ahead of threats

Security threats evolve—but so do we. Dashlane is at the forefront of credential security innovations, keeping organizations protected and employees seamlessly connected to the access they need.

Confidential SSO & Provisioning
Graphic with a blue gradient background featuring an image of a woman on her phone connected to a screen with a lock, representing securely accessing an account with passkey technology

Start using the secure, phishing-resistant password replacements that you can store right in Dashlane. 

Graphic with a blue gradient background featuring an image of a smiling man on his phone connected to a simplified version of the Dashlane vault, representing accessing Dashlane without a Master Password

Enjoy an easier, faster, more secure way to access Dashlane and other accounts. 

Graphic with a blue gradient background featuring an image of a woman on her laptop connected to three login fields, representing the secure enclaves that power Dashlane’s Confidential SSO & Provisioning integrations
ssoConfidential SSO & Provisioning

Seamlessly integrate Dashlane with your Identity Provider (IdP) to give employees easy access to their vaults and automate Dashlane user provisioning, deprovisioning, and management.

a cybersecurity platform for all

Get flexible, scalable security that suits your organization

This image shows a man and a woman working at a shared desk with product imagery of Dashlane’s Password Health score, representing how Dashlane provides enterprise password management.

For enterprises

Enjoy end-to-end protection for every employee, and close a critical gap in your enterprise’s security stack.

This image shows a woman working on a laptop with product imagery of Dashlane Autofill in action, representing how Dashlane provides business password management.

For small & midsize businesses

Secure your business with a solution that grows with you, and empower your team with the secure access they need to get to work.

Experience the Dashlane difference