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The New Dashlane: The Future of Credential Security Starts Here

  |  John Bennett
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Dashlane was founded 15 years ago with a simple idea: Log people in, quickly and safely. The reality, however, was complex—and it has only become more so. 

The way modern organizations operate has changed, with the traditional security perimeter breaking down and work fracturing across locations, devices, and cloud apps. While that has had untold benefits for enterprises, it has vastly expanded the attack surface and largely shifted attackers’ focus from targeting systems to people. CISOs and security admins know too well that the vast majority of breaches continue to stem from the same culprit: Compromised credentials.

What used to be enough to stay safe online isn’t anymore. And as Dashlane grew and threats evolved, we realized that where we could have the most impact was in securing businesses of all sizes that are essential to today’s economy and culture.

That’s why today, I’m proud to unveil our renewed mission to deliver the credential security every business and employee needs to thrive

Dashlane already protects 23,000 of the world’s most prominent brands, including Air France, Forrester Research, Michelin, PepsiCo, and others, so this is a formalization of the work we’ve been doing while still serving our robust consumer base.

Empowering IT admins to drive positive change in their org.

IT admins wear multiple hats, and security leader or CISO is just one of them. We want to help admins focus their energy where it matters most, empowering them with the tools necessary to identify and understand risks to their organization and proactively remediate the threats caused by weak, reused, and compromised credentials.

Too often, security is seen as a blocker to productivity. Security controls that are too cumbersome to use and obstruct rather than enable are at the heart of this issue. But rather than blaming the user for just wanting to get their work done, our industry should focus on providing better technology that makes the simplest path secure. 

That’s easier said than done, of course, but by drawing upon our roots as a consumer-focused password manager, we’re designing security that promotes behavior change and makes security something that can be adopted rather than enforced. And we’re well on our way: Nearly half of our customers use Dashlane daily, showing that we’re an integral part of their personal and professional lives.

Awakening to the reality of credential risk

Organizations are recognizing that credential management is going from a should-have to a must-have for their entire workforce. According to our data, the average business user has more than 70 credentials. Each of those 70 credentials represents a point of risk that businesses need to account for and secure. 

Single sign-on (SSO) has been seen as the solution to this issue. However, there are limits to SSO in terms of overall credential management, and SaaS sprawl and shadow IT are proliferating in this time when any employee can pick up a credit card and start using an app for corporate purposes.

In addition, the SSO tax is real. There are documented cases of SaaS application providers using SSO integration as an upsell lever, applying a significant SSO tax for the API. In an era of tightened budgets and economic headwinds, this is slowing adoption across the board—not just with small and midsize businesses but also with enterprise-sized organizations.

Dashlane is proud to deliver an SSO-like login experience to non-SSO applications. We provide seamless and secure access to all employees, keeping them protected whether they're using an app their admin doesn't know about (shadow IT) or simply using an app that doesn't integrate with SSO. 

Securing the digital future

Dashlane has a long history of leading innovation in the credential management space​. We were the first to support passkeys across all platforms, introduce phishing alerts, and launch passwordless login to the Dashlane mobile app, among other milestones. Our recent product innovations enable IT admins to proactively drive behavioral change with minimal effort and collaborate with employees to make that change in a positive manner.

Dashlane takes a zero-knowledge approach to everything we do, including our patented security architecture, ensuring that only the user has access to their vault. This mindset extends to how we manage and secure highly sensitive data related to SSO, secrets, API keys, and company logs. We’re the only credential manager to deploy confidential computing, which is opening up new and innovative ways to offer zero-knowledge security and the highest protection while removing complexity for customers.

Though our ambitions and focus have evolved since our founding in 2009 and grown beyond individual password management, the beating heart remains: Empowering our customers around the globe by providing seamless, secure access to protect them from breaches. 

Dashlane helps employees become what they were always meant to be: Their organization’s greatest asset. And when everyone on the team is part of the solution, organizations can finally get the secure access they need to thrive.

Want to learn more about how Dashlane can help your business stay secure in today’s evolving cyber culture?  Read the latest blog, “Saying Goodbye to the Last Password.”

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