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Dashlane Becomes a Board Member of the FIDO Alliance

  |  Rew Islam

We’re proud to announce that Dashlane has become a board-level member of the FIDO Alliance. We’re excited to work with industry partners to promote the era of passwordless innovation around passkeys and help spread the word about phishing-resistant authentication.

Allowing third-party providers like Dashlane to support passkeys expands the adoption of this FIDO2 credential, regardless of the OS platform or browser.

Passkeys are the future of authentication and will replace passwords as the primary authentication means for online services because they are phishing-resistant and easier to use than passwords. The question is when this will happen, not if. While today there are only a handful of services that support passkeys, we expect this number to rise dramatically over the next couple of years, and Dashlane is prepared for the industry shift.

Dashlane caters to both individual and business needs, providing a seamless cross-platform solution for managing passkeys. Consumers will be able to effortlessly manage their passkeys across devices, while businesses gain the advantage of having employees securely manage passkeys through Dashlane, instead of relying on personal accounts linked to their mobile devices.

"For almost as long as passwords have been around, we've been looking for ways to get rid of this imperfect, yet essential, technology," says John Bennett, CEO of Dashlane. "The road to a passwordless future will continue to unfold in phases, and it won't happen overnight, but because of the unifying work of the FIDO Alliance, we’re making tremendous strides as an industry. Dashlane is committed to working alongside other dedicated technology leaders to fulfill this ambitious promise, where a world without passwords is a reality for everyone."

In September 2022, Dashlane was the first password manager to introduce passkey support, enabling Dashlane users on Chromium-based browsers to allow Dashlane to seamlessly manage their passkeys. Earlier this year, Dashlane demonstrated how passkeys will be integrated into Android so that users can rely on Dashlane to manage their passkeys.

Passwordless authentication is gaining popularity as an easier and more secure alternative to passwords. Learn more about passkeys and how they work.

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