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Dashlane Deepens Senior Leadership Bench to Further Accelerate Strategic Growth and Product Expansion

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Dashlane has appointed a veteran group of security and technical leaders to support its continued growth and expansion of product offerings into passkeys and more. New senior management includes sales, engineering, and product talent drawn from companies such as LogMeIn, RSA Security, Bitpanda, and more.

In the past year, Dashlane has made significant steps to ensure that everyone, regardless of platform or device, can take part in the passwordless future. We became the first password manager to support passkey authentication and also introduced passwordless login into the Dashlane app. We also created a Passkeys Directory, a community-driven resource that lists websites that enable users to log into their accounts with passkeys.

Dashlane continues to expand our product and presence to serve security-conscious small to medium-sized organizations. We recently launched Confidential Single Sign-On (SSO), powered by Dashlane’s patent-pending use of AWS Nitro Secure Enclaves, to enable businesses to fully isolate encryption keys. New customers include consumer products innovator OOLY, logistics provider Allport Cargo Services, and sales enabler RevGenius.

“Dashlane welcomes aboard a dynamic group of leaders who will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of password management," said John Bennett, Dashlane Chief Executive Officer. “As we enter a new era of passkeys and passwordless technology, these exceptional individuals bring with them a wealth of expertise that will not only ensure Dashlane’s continued growth but also raise the industry standard to new heights." 

New hires include:

  • João Luis, VP of Engineering, who is based in Lisbon, has extensive experience in the inception of VC-backed startups and brings over 12 years of technical management experience as CTO and VP of Engineering at an international level in the software industry for companies such as Farfetch, Bitpanda, Rocket Internet, and Fyber. 
  • Jeff Cozzaglio, VP of Sales, has over 12 years of sales leadership experience leading high-growth enterprise sales of remote and identity management solutions. Prior to Dashlane, Jeff served as the VP of Sales for LogMeIn, and later for the LastPass division of LogMeIn, spending a total of 18 years with the company. 
  • Rachael Stockton, VP of Product Marketing, has more than 25 years of product management and marketing experience in tech and cybersecurity. She has led product marketing teams at RSA (EMC), LogMeIn, Transmit Security, and Akamai to successfully build, launch and grow solutions across the product lifecycle. She is also the lead inventor of two patents around distributed encryption solutions.
  • Tara Haas, Chief of Staff, joins the executive team at Dashlane with 20 years’ experience in the tech industry working for companies focused on delivering for the small business and mid-enterprise customer. Her early work experience in customer research and brand management led her to the tech industry and Intuit, where she was an early member of the Innovation Lab. 

“Dashlane is one of the most promising tech companies today with significant growth potential. I am eager to contribute to building the technology infrastructure for safer and more efficient online ecosystems. I am also excited to help unlock the huge potential of Dashlane for both businesses and consumers and position the company as a key technology provider for the adoption of passkeys and other security standards required by the tech industry.”

João Luis, VP of Engineering

“It is an honor to be joining the leadership team at Dashlane, which has years of experience working for some of the most respected SaaS and security companies in the world, providing clients with a delightful experience where they feel that their digital identity is secure. As Dashlane focuses more on serving businesses of all sizes, we will continue to strive to build a market-leading password management solution that is highly respected with security professionals and end users.”

Jeff Cozzaglio, VP of Sales

“I'm excited to collaborate with the team to concentrate Dashlane's efforts on specific customer groups where we can excel and also discover new opportunities for growth. We'll do this by encouraging different teams to work together smoothly and efficiently, with open communication and trust.”

Rachael Stockton, VP of Product Marketing

“It’s a great time to join Dashlane. The company has been successful in delivering a great customer experience protecting passwords, but there’s so much more we can do. As a company, Dashlane has always been focused on security as a top priority, and we’re taking that rigor and applying it to operational excellence, further developing our high performing organization to serve small businesses and beyond.”

Tara Haas, Chief of Staff

For more information on Dashlane’s leadership, please visit the leadership page on our website.

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