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How RevGenius reduced offboarding risk with Dashlane’s human-centric UX

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The company


RevGenius is an online resource for sales, marketing, and customer success professionals.


Company size
5-10 employees

The challenge: Secure & user-friendly password management

Founded in 2020 as an online resource for sales, marketing, and customer success professionals, RevGenius quickly grew to 30,000 members. The organization doesn’t have a physical headquarters, and employees are spread across the U.S. Despite the geographical distance, everyone is committed to building a strong virtual community. And as a boot-strapped startup, every employee pitches in to get work done.

RevGenius wanted to reduce licensing costs and simplify administration.

With about 80 applications in their technology stack, RevGenius employees share and manage many passwords. They also safeguard a plethora of client data, including sensitive financial information. 

“When you consider the amount of client data that RevGenius has, we’re on par with some of the largest organizations in the world.”

Jared Robin
CEO and Founder, RevGenius

While the organization had an official password management solution to promote security, employees disliked the user experience (UX).

“The interface of our previous password management solution was designed in a way that made it look like a virus,” Jared explains. “I didn’t feel like it was safe. We needed a password management solution that was trustworthy and easy to use.” 

Engaging with the previous solution was so painful that RevGenius opted to go back to sharing passwords the old way: through communication apps and emails. Employees knew many of the organization’s passwords, which meant that when an employee left, RevGenius had to change credentials for each site and app—a tedious and time-consuming practice. As a result, not every password always got changed, which introduced greater security risk to the organization. 

RevGenius believed there had to be a better, safer way to share and manage passwords.

The solution: Reducing risk with secure password management

Having already experienced a few password management solutions, RevGenius knew they wanted something secure and user-friendly that made onboarding and offboarding fast and transparent. Strong customer support was also important. When Jared discovered Dashlane, he knew it was the right password management solution for RevGenius.

“We learned first-hand that not just any password management solution would work for our organization. Dashlane does; we love it.”

Jared Robin
CEO and Founder, RevGenius

Today, RevGenius benefits from a variety of features:

  • Password Generator creates strong, random passwords automatically 
  • Dashlane’s mobile app syncs users’ data and credentials across all devices
  • Admin Console offers one centralized password management system with simple employee management and auditing when required
  • Digital wallet supports the unlimited storage of payment types
  • Dashlane Support is ready to help with any issue and answer questions with fast, reliable service

More on Dashlane

For more information on Dashlane, check out our business page or get started with a trial.  

The result: Quickly resolving a critical security issue

RevGenius found Dashlane just in time. 

“Right before we started with Dashlane, our previous provider had a major vulnerability.”

Jared Robin
CEO and Founder, RevGenius

RevGenius also recognized a vulnerability in their own security and reached out to Dashlane for support.

“There was a critical security situation that we needed to escalate immediately,” Jared shares. “I contacted Dashlane Support right away.”

Jared was impressed by the response he received because each Dashlane employee he spoke with understood the gravity of the situation, empathized with him, and launched into action. “Everyone that I encountered was invested in my organization’s ability to quickly and safely mitigate the situation,” Jared says. Within two hours, Dashlane had resolved the security problem.

“My company found itself in a bad situation, which is scary, but Dashlane enabled a happy ending.”

Jared Robin
CEO and Founder, RevGenius

Now, RevGenius securely stores all their passwords in Dashlane, which reassures the organization that they’re doing their best to protect their clients’ data. And they’re not just protecting their clients—RevGenius also reduces cybersecurity risks for their employees and organization by using Dashlane’s digital wallet and mobile app to access sensitive information, like logging in to bank accounts. 

And this time, RevGenius has a password management solution that employees want to use, which helps with adoption.

“Dashlane is intuitive; the UI is clean and straightforward, which lends itself to a fantastic UX.”

Jared Robin
CEO and Founder, RevGenius

Jared loves that Dashlane offers a clear and fast onboarding and offboarding process. Through the Admin Console, he can immediately give each employee the right access levels. This means seamless onboarding and reduced offboarding risk. “Doing something securely doesn’t have to mean doing it slowly,” Jared shares. “As a newer organization that cares about growth, Dashlane helps us move quickly.”

Security hygiene has improved at RevGenius, and Jared has turned to Dashlane to help establish strong cybersecurity at the organization’s heart.

“We’ve built our security culture around Dashlane."

Jared Robin
CEO and Founder, RevGenius

At the end of the day, RevGenius feels like they finally found their perfect password management solution. Jared explains, “We have security that’s made as simple as possible while offering leading protection.”

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