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Streamline Logins at Work with Dashlane Confidential SSO & Provisioning

  |  Donald Hasson

With Confidential SSO & Provisioning, Dashlane enables IT admins to securely integrate a credential manager into their existing IT infrastructure and safeguard access to Dashlane’s vault. It’s now easier than ever to set up SSO and provisioning with Dashlane for Business plan users.

Dashlane is proud to be the first credential manager to use confidential computing and secure enclaves technology to protect the privacy and security of our customer data.

Amazon Web Services recently featured our AWS Nitro Enclaves implementation on their website. Learn all about it here.

Dashlane’s Confidential SSO & Provisioning solution

Confidential SSO allows for an easier setup and additional protection for a secure SSO integration. This innovative technology is powered by our patent-pending use of AWS Nitro Enclaves. The secure environment of AWS Nitro Enclaves completely replaces the need for self-hosted encryption services and still maintains Dashlane's zero-knowledge encryption standards, providing businesses with enhanced security throughout the authentication and provisioning process. Only the authorized user has access to the encrypted data in the vault.

We also offer Confidential Provisioning, a user provisioning capability that enables IT admins to easily onboard and offboard employees through their Identity Provider portal.

As cyber threats grow, Dashlane continually evolves to protect against them. We’re paving the way for the future of logins—and our use of confidential computing marks a paradigm shift in how we implement security and power our app. It enforces a secure environment inaccessible to other apps, users, and processes on the system.

Start your Dashlane Business trial today in less than 3 minutes to see if it’s the right fit for your organization.

With Dashlane Confidential SSO & Provisioning, you get:

Enterprise-level security for your organization​

Dashlane treats every bit of information with complete confidentiality in an isolated environment, significantly reducing the attack surface and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. Our patent-pending technology provides isolation and protection for memory and data processing; not even Dashlane can access it. This guarantees that even users with physical or root access to the machines can’t access or tamper with the data. Sensitive information remains encrypted and confidential, even during processing in cloud environments.

Data is securely processed, and users maintain control over their credentials. Thus, only authorized users can access the data stored in the Dashlane vault.

Easy setup and maintenance

Dashlane Confidential SSO & Provisioning conveniently supports all major SAML 2.0-based Identity Providers (such as Azure AD, Okta, and JumpCloud). IT admins find that Dashlane Confidential SSO & Provisioning fit seamlessly into their workflow, empowering admins to automate Dashlane provisioning, deprovisioning, and user management directly from their Identity Provider’s Admin UI.

Easier employee adoption

With Dashlane Confidential SSO & Provisioning, employees don't need to remember their Master Password to access Dashlane. Instead, they log in to Dashlane with their company’s SSO credentials, as they would any other work-related app integrated with their Identity Provider.

Private & secure

Confidential SSO & Provisioning use confidential computing to protect employee login credentials from exposure or theft, providing enhanced security and privacy for your business. In the future, Dashlane intends to make the source code publicly available so that users and security experts can examine the code and confirm our assertions. We’re committed to securing our customers with best-in-class security technology.

With Dashlane Confidential SSO & Provisioning, organizations of all sizes experience enterprise-level security, IT admins get seamless integration and provisioning, and employees can log in to Dashlane using their company credentials. Everybody wins.

Learn how Dashlane is set up to best protect your data, or visit our dedicated Confidential SSO & Provisioning page to find out more about how Dashlane can provide your organization with enterprise-level security.

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