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Simplicity Meets Security: Dashlane Becomes the First Credential Manager to Eliminate the Master Password

  |  Jordan Aron

Dashlane constantly strives to simplify the access, storage, and management of our customers' online credentials. Today, we’re launching passwordless login, a simpler and more secure way to access the Dashlane vault across any platform.

Dashlane is the first credential manager to enable users to create and access their account without a Master Password, making logging into Dashlane even faster and reducing the risk of phishing attacks

Passwordless login enables users to securely set up and access their Dashlane account using a device-specific PIN and biometrics, such as their fingerprint or FaceID. There’s no need to create or remember a single password.

Why go passwordless?

Dashlane’s passwordless login works seamlessly across platforms, delivering users the same experience regardless of their device hardware and software. The technology enables:

  • Faster account setup and access: Passwordless login eliminates the need to remember and enter the Master Password, making account setup and login more convenient.
  • Device-bound security and reduced phishing risk: Passwordless login reduces the risk of password reuse and phishing attacks since there is no Master Password to remember (or forget). Dashlane ties the unique vault key created at account setup to the authorized user’s device(s) and protects it with biometrics or the device PIN and an additional layer of underlying security. This mechanism provides a higher level of security compared to the traditional Master Password or other passwordless solutions that still utilize the password as the foundation of the account.
  • Easier account recovery: Building on our account recovery key, which is available to all users, we’re introducing an additional, streamlined mechanism that lets passwordless login users regain access to their data if they lose a device by utilizing a different device logged into Dashlane.

Learn more about Dashlane’s vision and approach for a passwordless future in this post from our Chief Technology Officer.

Who can use passwordless login?

With the initial release, passwordless login is available on new personal plan accounts created on iOS and Android devices. Once you create your account, you can also use your trusted device to log in to any other web or mobile device to access Dashlane without a password. 

Passwordless experiences for all other customers, including businesses, will be released throughout 2024.

How it works

When using passwordless login for Dashlane, a strong and unique key is created for the user during account creation. This key encrypts the user's Dashlane vault and is stored locally on their device, adhering to Dashlane's zero-knowledge architecture.

Passwordless login is only available to new users at this time. It is also entirely optional. Those users who wish to create an account with a Master Password can continue to do so.

Dashlane is transforming how users access their vaults by eliminating the Master Password and simplifying the account recovery process. We’re excited to provide users with a more convenient and secure way to access Dashlane.

Learn more about passwordless login at Dashlane and download Dashlane on iOS or Android to start using passwordless login today.

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