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Keep Your Dashlane Account Safe with a Recovery Key

  |  Jordan Aron

Forgetting your password happens. In most cases, people are used to the traditional password reset flow of submitting your email address, receiving an email with a link, and using the link to begin resetting your password. For your Dashlane account, resetting your Master Password isn’t as simple due to our zero-trust security architecture.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new recovery feature available to all Dashlane users who rely on a Master Password to log in to Dashlane.

How the Dashlane recovery key works

Some users forget their Master Password after a period of time, which isn’t surprising given that it’s meant to be a complex password. In fact, our data shows that the most common timeframe for a Dashlane user to forget their Master Password is within their first 30 days. That may be because people are accustomed to traditional password resets and think they’ll just be able to reset it. In the interest of security, recovery options with Dashlane have historically been limited. But now, thanks to the recovery key, forgetting your Master Password won’t mean you’re locked out for good. 

This new recovery key feature allows you to generate a unique, single-use spare key to your account. The key, combined with an additional identity verification, allows you to change your Master Password and access your account. We recommend you store this key somewhere safe, ideally writing it down or printing it out and storing it securely away from your computer. I personally do 2 things with my recovery key:

  • Keep it written down and stored with my passport and other important documents.
  • Save it in a Dashlane secure note and share it with my partner. This gives me peace of mind if something were to unexpectedly happen to me.

A screenshot of a recovery key dialogue window. The text reads, “Your recovery key is a spare key to your vault. This is a single-use spare key to your vault. If you need to, you can use it to get back into your account and reset your Master Password.” There is also a button that reads, “Generate key.”
A screenshot of a recovery key dialogue window. The text reads, “Use your recovery key to reset your Master Password. Before you start the recovery process, make sure you have your single-use recovery key. Depending on your security settings, additional verification may be required to complete the recovery process.” There are also two button options: The left button reads “Lost your key?” and the right button reads “Start recovery.”

As a reminder, Dashlane doesn’t have any access to your data, so if you lose your Master Password and do not have a recovery method available, Dashlane can’t help you regain access.

Head on over to your security settings on iOS or Android, or to your Dashlane web extension, to set up your recovery key today.

 For more information, please see our Help Center article on creating and using your account recovery key.

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