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Introducing Dashlane Business: Innovative Enterprise Identity and Password Management

  |  Malaika Nicholas

Today, we’re very excited to announce the launch of Dashlane Business! Thanks to real-time feedback from our customers, we created a true business product that is easily-adoptable, understands and delivers a phenomenal user experience, and meets the rigorous requirements of your growing business.

Dashlane Business is intrinsically designed to solve the key identity and password problems that your company experiences. Here’s what Dashlane’s enterprise password manager can do for your company:

Access Control – By Groups and By Users

A frequently-overlooked source of enterprise security breaches is former employees that keep access their work networks and accounts after their dismissal. In fact, more than 40 percent of employees still have access to accounts or data from their employer after leaving the job.

Dashlane Business has a simple, powerful Admin Console, which gives admins complete control to grant employees access to internal systems, spaces, and accounts.

Dashlane Business also introduces identity management to your employees with easily-managed Spaces that keep personal accounts separate from work accounts and data.

In the event that a user leaves the company, admins can easily remove an employee’s internal access to their work Space, but the employee will still have access to all of their personal passwords and data saved within their Dashlane account.

Dashlane Business Admin Console

Monitoring and Policy Control

In a world where “password,” “admin,” and “123456” are still among the most frequently used (and hacked) passwords, it should come as no surprise that 63 percent of confirmed data breaches involved hackers leveraging weak, default, or stolen passwords.

To combat poor password practices among employees, Dashlane Business’ centralized Admin Console shows admins the password health of the entire organization and every employee, while still maintaining employees’ privacy. The Admin console also makes it easier for any business to monitor the success of their password security policies.

Dashlane Business Admin console.

A User-Focused Password Manager with Effortless Onboarding

As the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend increases worldwide, companies and their security solutions are struggling to keep up with the consumerization of IT. As a result, on average, about 33 percent of employees have personally purchased a SaaS application without their IT department’s knowledge. Of those who purchased a SaaS app, 49 percent did it “because it was “faster without IT”.

IT departments now need to turn “shadow IT” into something they can manage without slowing down employees who are accustomed to simple, productivity enhancing tools. Dashlane Business enables end users with a simple, step-by-step onboarding process that instantly frees up time and resources for your IT department. Even better, IT departments can review the password health of employees and help improve the overall security of the organization without a lot of management overhead.

Dashlane Business Admin Console

With Dashlane Business, employees and IT departments now have the convenience and security you’ve come to expect with our award-winning enterprise password manager:

  • Superior Security Architecture: With our award-winning password manager, each employee will generate a completely unique and secure Master Password that is never known or stored in Dashlane, and encrypted with the strongest security encryption in the industry–AES-256. By not storing your Master Password–or any derivatives–anywhere, every employee’s account is virtually impenetrable.
  • A Constantly-Learning Algorithm: Dashlane’s Semantic Analysis Engine is always learning and analyzing new web pages to provide your employees with our lightning-fast auto-login, auto-fill, and password generation features.
  • Secure syncing and sharing: With Dashlane, each employee can safely sync their work passwords across desktop, mobile, and BYOD devices with ease. Employees can also safely share full or limited access to their work-related passwords and other data with their team members.
  • Extra Security with U2F Support: Dashlane is the first password manager in the industry to provide businesses with support for the FIDO Alliance’s Universal Second Factor authentication (U2F) protocol and U2F-enabled YubiKeys. Instead of having employees hunt down 2FA codes via email or text messages, U2F-enabled YubiKeys add a physical layer of security and convenience by allowing every employee to quickly authenticate themselves with a simple tap.

Dashlane Business Admin Console

It’s time to take control of your company’s digital security with Dashlane Business–the simple, yet powerful security solution you’ve been asking for. If you have any specific questions about Dashlane Business, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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