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Updates to Dashlane Free

  |  Donald Hasson

*Last updated May 23, 2024

Over the last 13 years, Dashlane has grown from a personal password management startup to a trusted security solution that helps protect millions of people and 23,000 organizations. Our popular Dashlane Premium plan now offers advanced cybersecurity features such as phishing alerts, Dark Web Monitoring, VPN, and more.

Cyberattacks continue to make headlines, and password managers are the first line of defense against these prevalent threats. As tactics and technology for password and data theft evolve, so does the need for additional protection.

As we continue to work to evolve our product, we’re making adjustments to Dashlane’s Free plan starting Thursday, June 6, 2024.

What’s changing in the Free plan? 

Changes to password storage: Dashlane’s Free plan will still have a 25-password storage limit, but starting June 6, 2024, if you’re a Free plan member with more than 25 saved passwords, your account will be read-only. This means your passwords will no longer autofill, and you won’t be able to store any new ones unless you upgrade your plan or remove passwords so your vault has fewer than 25.

What’s included in Dashlane Free after June 6, 2024? 

After these updates go into effect, the Free password manager plan will still include essential password management and security features, including password storage and management for up to 25 logins, passkey storage and management, Secure Notes, and more. And if you’re on a Free plan, you can still access the Help Center anytime for detailed guides, walkthroughs, and troubleshooting tips.

To optimize your online security with advanced features, keep unlimited password storage, and access dedicated one-on-one support, you can upgrade to a Premium or Friends & Family plan anytime.

Bolster your security with Premium and Friends & Family

Upgrading to Dashlane’s Premium or Friends & Family plan gets you our most advanced security features for personal plans, including:

  • Unlimited password and passkey storage that syncs across all your devices
  • Unlimited secure sharing so you can safely share passwords, 2FA tokens, Secure Notes, and more
  • Real-time phishing alerts that help protect you as you browse the web
  • Dark Web Monitoring to keep an eye out for your data
  • Virtual private network (VPN) for safeguarding your WiFi connections

If you’re getting Dashlane for yourself, our Premium plan—which includes one individual account—is likely right for you. If you want to extend Dashlane’s protection (and time-saving features) to your inner circle, Friends & Family offers you the best value: With this plan, you get up to 10 individual accounts under one subscription.

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Next steps for free users

  1. Find out how many logins are in your vault to determine if the password storage changes affect you. To do this, select Logins in the Dashlane extension. You’ll see your number of logins in the Item name heading row. (Passkeys aren’t included in this number, and Free plan members can continue to store unlimited passkeys.)
  2. If you’re currently storing 25 passwords or less, these changes won’t affect you, and no action is needed.

If you’re currently storing 26 or more passwords, after June 6, 2024, your account will be read-only. You can still access all your passwords, but you won’t be able to store any new ones unless you upgrade your plan or remove passwords so your vault has fewer than 25.

We understand that Dashlane is an important part of protecting your online life, which is why we’re constantly adding new privacy and security features to improve convenience and keep you safe online.

Whether you stay on our Free plan or opt for Premium or Friends & Family for unlimited passwords and enhanced security, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible experience. Thank you for being a valued member of our Dashlane community.

If you have additional questions, want info on switching your plan, or need help exporting your data, visit our Help Center.

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