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Protect more than your passwords with a fast, reliable VPN

Dashlane has partnered with Hotspot Shield to offer Premium and Family users access to a best-in-class VPN as part of their Dashlane subscription ($96/year value).

Combining a password manager with a VPN, you can enjoy:


Private, anonymous browsing


Secure public WiFi connections


Customizable server location

Safer browsing, simpler internet


Save time online

We’ll fill in all your passwords, personal info, and payment details—which means less time typing and more interneting.


Every password, everywhere

The Dashlane app remembers every single one of your passwords—and seamlessly syncs across all your devices.


Peace of mind

Our patented security architecture secures your info, and we’ll alert you if another company’s breach may affect your accounts.

Get Premium. Get a VPN with your Password Manager.