Innovative two-factor authentication in a password manager

YubiKey and Dashlane.

Innovating to keep you safe

Dashlane is the first password manager to support U2F YubiKeys, an innovative and universal two-factor authentication standard, backed by Yubico and the FIDO Alliance®.

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YubiKey and Dashlane two-factor authentication

What is two-factor authentication?

You often have to enter a security code when you log in to an account from a new location or device - that's two-factor authentication! It's an extra piece of information that you need to provide before you get access to your accounts. In addition to your login and password, it's further proof that you are you.

Security made simple

With Dashlane Premium and YubiKey, there’s no need to hunt down security codes sent by text or email. Simply plug in your USB key and go. YubiKey works on any computer or laptop with a USB port!

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How it works

Set up YubiKey in Dashlane in 3 easy steps.

Yubikey on-switch

Turn on two-factor authentication in Dashlane.

Yubikey and Dashlane

Add your YubiKey to Dashlane.

Plugging in Yubikey

Plug in your USB key and go!

Why YubiKey?

  • Easy to carry on you
  • 2mm thin, 3 grams
  • Waterproof, crush-proof
  • No batteries
  • Fast to set up, and fast to use
  • Link up to 20 keys to Dashlane
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