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What Dashlane Customers Love About the Web App

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By now, you’ve had the opportunity to get acquainted with the web-first version of Dashlane. We know that changes to products and services you use every day can feel disorienting, especially at first. 

To help flatten this learning curve, we’ve put together an overview of the most important and useful features of the web app as decided by you, our customers! Below, we’re summarizing the most common feedback we’ve heard from you in the last few months. 

Plus, we’ll update you on some of the features still in the pipeline for release on the web app. 

“Dashlane recently switched to a browser extension. They sent out notifications for at least 2 months leading up to the date and very clear instructions on how to make the switch. I'm a very happy customer!”

- Dashlane Customer on TrustPilot, January 2022

You’re loving our Machine Learning Engine

One of the most noticeable improvements to Dashlane is that autofill is now powered by our innovative Machine Learn Engine. This results in faster and more accurate autofill for your forms and logins, and soon, this engine will “learn” over time to become more efficient and accurate all on its own. 

“I was surprised at how easy it was to switch over and also am experiencing some of the new benefits like autofill.”

- Dashlane Customer Satisfaction Survey, October 2021

Other autofill improvements in the web app you’ve mentioned:

  • Password Generator is available directly in the webcards that pop up when you’re creating a new password. This gives you total control without opening the extension window or the full app. 
  • While you’ve been able to disable autofill on a whole page or website for some time, now you can disable autofill on specific form fields or even tell Dashlane to autofill something different. (And Dashlane will “remember” your choices!)
  • When you open your extension window, you’ll now see “suggested” items at the top that are related to the site you’re on—a convenient backup if autofill doesn’t recognize a form field.
  • You don’t need to save individual logins for sites that use the same password anymore. We call this feature “associated websites,” meaning that related websites that use the same username and password—like and—will be automatically recognized and autofilled instead of creating duplicate entries. 

“I didn't know the option was available to change what entries actually go into an autofill field. Thank you.”

- Dashlane Customer Satisfaction Survey, December 2021

You’re fans of our new VPN experience

You can read all about our improved VPN experience here, but here’s a quick recap of why this VPN experience is better:

  • By partnering with Hotspot Shield, we’re relying on their proven expertise instead of trying to replicate that support within Dashlane. Now, you can speak directly with their support team who will be able to provide dedicated help.
  • You have more virtual location options: 80+ countries and 35+ cities with Hotspot Shield vs. only 26 countries with our previous partner.
  • With a standalone VPN vs. one built into our app:

Read more for instructions on setting up and using your VPN.

“Concerning the transition from desktop app to web app I was successfully, quickly and most friendly assisted by the Dashlane Customer Support. A true recommendation, not only for the Dashlane app but for their service as well!”

- Dashlane Customer on TrustPilot, January 2022

You appreciate managing your subscription in the app  

Before we moved to our web-first experience, you weren’t able to manage your subscription directly in the app. Now, you can! 

We’ve redesigned the account management section of the app to give you more visibility and options regarding your billing and other account-related actions. You can even trigger your own refunds when you cancel your plan if certain conditions are met. 

You like the lighter Dashlane experience

Our old desktop apps required a lot of memory on your laptops and PCs and sometimes played badly with certain types of antivirus software. Plus, there was no global installation, which meant you had to install Dashlane for every profile on your computer’s operating system, and you needed to install both the desktop app and extension to get the full experience. Lots of software had to “talk” to each other, multiplying possible points of failure or glitches.

With a web-first app, there’s only one Dashlane to install. This version updates automatically, so there are no dependencies on operating systems or local file architecture. It’s also housed entirely where you actually need and use Dashlane: right in your browser.

I've been using Dashlane for a few years now. The program is great, no glitches. The tech support is excellent and very fast in their response. They changed the platform this Jan 2022 and the change went seamlessly.”

- Dashlane Customer on TrustPilot, January 2022

What you don’t love: waiting for new features

We know it’s frustrating waiting for a feature you rely on to be released in the web app, and we thank you for your patience. Here’s an update on the features you inquire about most: 

Secure file storage is now available

The ability to add attachments to Secure Notes was something a lot of our customers enjoyed about the desktop app, so we’re happy to report you’ll have this ability again in the web app! We’ve started a progressive rollout in the first week of February 2022, and this feature should be available to all over the next month.  

You can check your web app now and get instructions for adding attachments to Secure Notes here to keep your most important documents secure and accessible.

Manage password categories

This one is especially for our business customers: Managing which passwords are sorted into which categories will be available in the near future!

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