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Quarter in Review: What’s New & Next With Dashlane So Far in 2021

  |  Graham Shorr

Sometimes, the folks who work every day to make Dashlane better are so focused on getting things done that we don’t do the best job telling our customers about it. To remedy this—and to keep us from stuffing your inboxes full of product updates every other week—we’ll create a post like this once a quarter to round up all the exciting updates with options to read more.

Updates for Team and Business admins

SSO for existing customers

SSO integration on our updated Business plan is now available for existing customers for both single and multiple domains. (Previous, the feature was only available for new Business customers.) Read more about it here.

Core feature updates

Password Changer

We recently fully refactored our one-click Password Changer and rolled it out in the extension and mobile apps.

Password Changer works behind the scenes to change passwords for you—all without leaving the Dashlane app. No more bouncing between websites, waiting for confirmation emails, or changing a password to something secure only to quickly forget it.

What’s next? We’re exploring how we can support additional compatible websites, leverage this feature for business customers, and responsively in the situations when Password Changer is most valuable to you—like after a breach or when someone leaves your company and you need to revoke shared access.

Machine learning

With our new machine learning engine, autofill is faster than ever. Now, the Dashlane icon appears in form fields instantly—on average, it recognizes form fields 94% faster than before! The extension recognizes online forms in an average of 15 milliseconds, far faster than the 100-millisecond threshold for an interaction to feel instantaneous. 

Not only is our revamped engine fast, but it’s more accurate. Dashlane has achieved a weighted F-score—a gold standard for accuracy—of 92% across English, French, and German websites. This is a gamechanger in terms of experience for our customers, as a ruled-based engine like our legacy engine and what most other password managers are likely built on would only let us really nail the top 5,000 websites and “do our best” on the others in terms of accuracy.

What’s next? Better speed and accuracy are, of course, great improvements for our customers, but this is just the beginning with machine learning at Dashlane. Over the next few months we will release additional capabilities to:

  • Enable self-correcting autofill for the few instances where Dashlane can’t read a web page. We’ll be the only password manager offering this. Self-correcting will allow you to tell Dashlane to autofill different information than what we’ve suggested, or to not autofill at all on a specific site—and it will remember your choices!
Mock up, subject to change
  • Crowdsource improvements. This means expanding our machine learning data model so the engine improves on its own based on the collective experiences of all our customers who use it. (But don’t worry—the machine learning engine is analyzing forms on pages, not anything related to the data you’re autofilling or where.)

Updates by platform

Now on the web app

As promised, we’re working hard to bring our web app up to parity on key features before we retire our desktop app later this year. We’ve been moving pretty fast! Here’s quick summary of everything added or improved in the web app in the first few months of 2021.

Bank accounts

As our customers know, Dashlane is more than just a password manager. You can also save Secure Notes, payment info, and now in the web app, your bank account info. 

Securely store your account and routing numbers for checking or savings accounts and easily keep track of them. It’s always a pain to find this info—especially if you’re one of those people who rarely use paper checks—so saving this info in Dashlane helps you access it quickly when you need it. Read more in our update here.

What’s next? User interface improvements to credit cards—stay tuned!

Now, ready for some rapid-fire web app updates?

  • Changing your Master Password: Now you can do it right from the web app.
  • Suggested items: If you open your extension on a website, Dashlane will now suggest credentials and items related to the site at the very top. More here. 
  • In-field Password Generator: You have more control over the auto-generated passwords Dashlane suggests. More here.
  • Associated websites: Dashlane now automatically detects many “associated” websites automatically, meaning if you have the same login for multiple sites, you only need to store in once. More here.

Now on mobile

Improvements to the iOS app

  • Password Health widget: Your Password Health will now show as a widget on your iPhone’s Home Screen.
  • Suggested items: Before, the suggested items in your vault were based on their creation/update date. Now, they’re based on what you’ve most recently used.
  • Account creation from in field: Ok, this is a big deal! When you create an account now on your mobile device, Dashlane will detect this and prompt you to save it in your mobile app. No more flipping back and forth between Dashlane and whatever it is you’re trying to sign up for. Get more instructions here.

Improvements to the Android app

Introducing Accessibility Mode: This update should fix autofill issues in browsers for Android 10 and 11 users.

Updates to plans & pricing

Introducing monthly plans

If you’re not into the idea of committing to a whole year of Dashlane, we now offer month-to-month plans so you can really thoroughly try before you buy. Browse all our plans here and change the slider at the top to Monthly billing to see the prices.

…and that’s a wrap for the first quarter of 2021! We’ll see you back here for another roundup of updates and improvements in July.

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