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Brand-new Dashlane for iPhone and iPad: Redesigned for a fresh look and effortless experience

  |  Malaika Nicholas

All new Dashlane for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Introducing the brand-new Dashlane iPhone and iPad app! We’ve given Dashlane a complete makeover to give you a customized, seamless experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

We built our new iPhone and iPad apps from the ground up using the latest Apple technologies and guidelines, which easily adapts to any iOS device, regardless of size or type. The app combines the same convenience and functionality of the previous version, only now it’s reorganized to make all of your passwords and other important information easier to find and use at anytime, anywhere!

Here’s what you can expect from the new Dashlane iOS password manager apps:

Find what you want, when you want it: We’ve added a visible menu bar at the bottom of the screen so you can easily find your way anywhere within the app.

New Dashlane App for iPhone and iPad - Menu Bar

Search for and add passwords in seconds: Our new “Recent” screen shows you the items you have used most recently. From this screen, you can select a recently used password, credit card, or personal information item, and quickly copy, edit, remove, or securely share a password with another Dashlane user.

The brand-new Dashlane app for iPhone and iPad

Our popular tools have a new home: You can access our Password Changer, Password Generator, and Dashlane Browser features at any time by visiting the “Tools” screen. You’ll also have the option to add the Dashlane extension, which gives you the freedom to use Dashlane on your iPhone and iPad in Safari, Chrome, and with supported iOS apps.

New Dashlane app for iPhone and iPad

A clearer view of shared passwords: With our new “Contacts” section, you can easily manage your Shared and Emergency contacts’ access to passwords and secure notes in one place.
Password Sharing and Emergency Contacts in Dashlane Password Manager for iPhone and iPad

Customize your app’s security as you see fit: Your “Settings” menu has been reorganized to give you easier control over the security of your app. You can decide how frequently the app locks, and choose to unlock Dashlane using Touch ID or a PIN code. You’ll also be able to email your referral code to your friends and family, clear the history from the Dashlane browser, and easily access support articles in our Help Center.
New Dashlane Password Manager for iPhone and iPad

A new icon that visually connects the new to the old: Our new app wouldn’t be complete without a brand-new Dashlane icon! Designed to stand out from the other apps on your home screen, the new Dashlane icon still has our trademark teal, orange, light blue, and green color palette and our signature jumping impala. However, we changed the background shape to a shield, symbolizing Dashlane’s world-class, patented security architecture.

Old vs. New Dashlane iOS Logo

We’ve been working tirelessly on this redesign for months, but we’re not done just yet! With a new, re-architected app, we’ve already begun working on the next set of improvements, including features that our users have requested.

But, we also need your feedback. Tell us if you like the new app and what you’d like to see in your next app update. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

And remember, if you encounter any issues, please be sure to create a Support ticket. They’re the experts and know how to get issues resolved fast.

We hope you enjoy our new app as much as we enjoyed making it!

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