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Dashlane’s Android App Earns Editors’ Choice on Google Play!

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Google Play Editors' ChoiceWe’re thrilled to announce that Dashlane’s Android password manager is now an Editors’ Choice winner on the Google Play Store!

The award is given to the most trusted, reputable and reliable apps on the Google Play Store. It’s a huge accomplishment for our team and company to win such a coveted spot, especially one month after receiving a Top Developer badge.

This not only gives us the opportunity to be featured alongside top apps and developers who we admire, it shows how Google views Dashlane – the first password manager to win Editors’ Choice!

We’ve worked closely with Google, who has provided great feedback on how to make our app the best it can be for you, and it’s amazing to see it pay off.

But as our team will tell you, it was a lot of hard work!

Shooting for Editors’ Choice requires a lot of time, attention, and team work across all teams. Our app was chosen after releasing our Material Design app, which takes full advantage of Material Design principles and maxes out user experience, and after our Android M Finger Scanner integration, which allows users to authenticate logins with a tap. Both releases were huge advances for Dashlane and password management, but even that’s not enough.

It also took an “all hands on deck” kind of team who’s ready to do what it takes to succeed. My favorite example is our lead developer, Tancho, who created our Android Beta Channel over two years ago. He regularly posts and responds to feedback, works with users to gather more info on issues, and runs an altogether awesome community. There are many more examples like that!

But in the long run, Editors’ Choice wouldn’t have happened without you!

Our Android Beta Channel users send feedback and test our apps before we ship them to the world, ensuring high quality – thank you all so much!  And our Android users constantly use, give feedback, and review our app in the store. You give us millions of reasons to keep raising the bar – thank you, all!

Please keep it up 🙂 Let us know how we can improve, so we can stay on top!

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