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Samsung Mobile Password Security Simplified with Fingerprint Scanning

  |  JD Sherman

Today we’re happy to announce the addition of Samsung Finger Scanner to our Dashlane Android App. Dashlane users who have Samsung’s Galaxy S5, S6, Note 4 and Note Edge, can now use their fingerprint to get instant access to passwords and other important personal information.

With biometric authentication for Dashlane, all you need to do is touch to verify your identity and let Dashlane put your secure passwords to work across sites and apps. It’s the ultimate secure and convenient solution to online identity.

samsung fingerprint

Combining passwords with biometrics technologies is the safest way to make use of these convenient new features. As your most unique and personal identifier, your fingerprint must be used carefully as an authenticator. Unlike a password, if someone steals a digital copy in a hack or breach you can’t simply change it for a new one. Our CEO, Emmanuel, has written all about why biometrics will not kill the password here and concludes that the safest, fastest solution is to combine biometrics with strong passwords.

Finger Scanner on Samsung devices and Touch ID for iPhone and iPad are just our latest integrations with exciting new technologies to make identity simple and secure everywhere. Along with the launch of Android’s new operating system, Android M, Dashlane will add fingerprint scanning for millions more Android devices. Plus, there is even more on the horizon for Dashlane and biometrics technology that we’re excited to share soon, so make sure to check back here for our next update.

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