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Dashlane is Eliminating the Only Password You Have to Remember

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Co-written by Jordan Aron, Product Manager, and Rew Islam, Director of Product Engineering & Innovation

Helping users and organizations manage their passwords and logins has been our business since 2009. Throughout this time, our model has relied on users having one strong Master Password to enable secure login capture, autofill, sharing, and so much more. But the Master Password is still a password, and it comes with some of the challenges we all experience today, such as needing to make it strong yet memorable and hard to steal through social engineering and other tactics. Momentum is building in the passwordless space, and Dashlane is ready to help usher in this new era of passwordless login.

We are proud to announce our plan to release passwordless login for Dashlane later this year, which allows users to create new phishing-resistant, passwordless accounts that don’t suffer from the vulnerabilities of traditional passwords and multifactor authentication (MFA). Users will have the option to create an account without having to set up and remember a Master Password.

Benefits of a passwordless Dashlane account

  • Users can create a Dashlane account on a mobile device without a Master Password, and they can still securely access their account with biometrics or a PIN code.
  • Users can create and access Dashlane account without needing to create and remember a Master Password, making the login process easier and very convenient. 
  • In the event of total device loss, users can regain access to their account with a recovery key.

Update: Dashlane is the first credential manager to enable users to create and access their account without a Master Password. Check out what our Senior Product Manager has to say.

Why passwordless is so important:

  • Nothing to remember
    Passwordless authentication reduces the risk of phishing attacks, as there is no Master Password for attackers to steal through deceptive emails or fake phishing websites that deceive users into sharing sensitive credential details.
  • Better phishing resistance
    While password managers help to a degree, stolen logins and phishing remain the top attack methods used by hackers, per the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report. Our passwordless solution is phishing-resistant by design.

We plan to expand the passwordless login option to all existing customers as well, enabling them to migrate away from the Master Password if they want to.

As we continue to lay the groundwork for easily accessible passwordless login, we’re also working on additional support for passkeys to help users seamlessly log in to other apps and websites. We introduced integrated passkey support in 2022, unveiled the first in-browser passkey solution, and created a demo app to illustrate what passkey support will look like on Android 14. Recently, we also joined the FIDO Alliance board.

See what it's like to create a passwordless Dashlane account, and download Dashlane Password Manager in the App Store or Google Play today.

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