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Dashlane Becomes the First Major Credential Manager to Meet Updated 2022 ISO Standards

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Dashlane is proud to announce our ISO 27001 certification. This internationally recognized standard further demonstrates our commitment to following strict security processes to ensure our service meets the needs of our customers. While we’ve met ISO standards for years, we're the first major credential management provider to meet the updated 2022 ISO standards, giving our users the most current security standards in the industry.

A little background on ISO certification

ISO 27001 is a security structure established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The ISO certification requires organizations to follow strict protocols that independent auditors must verify to ensure that an organization’s security practices are well-designed and implemented. By being certified, businesses demonstrate high security standards that existing and potential customers can trust because of ISO’s influence and standardization across the globe.

Dashlane, ISO, and you

For Dashlane, ISO certification assures our customers and prospects of how seriously we take our role in protecting data. We’ll continue to invest in strict processes, staying up to date on industry security standards and maintaining trust with our customers.

Dashlane is the security-first credential manager your employees will love to use. Our zero-knowledge architecture means no one, not even Dashlane, can see your data, and our product is easy to deploy and manage. We improve your entire organization's security by providing effective ways to detect threats and simple tools to remediate them.

Check out our Trust Center to see the details of our ISO 27001 certification and evaluate your plan options to see if Dashlane is the right fit.

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