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Dashlane Gift Guide: Premium is the Perfect Present for Pretty Much Everyone

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You've already checked the easy ones off your list. Your sister is more than happy with a gift certificate to Sephora. You know your best friend collects cook books. But then there’s everyone else, and some of them are just not as simple.

Well, we’re here to help. What if you could gift peace of mind and a simpler life online? What's the universal experience shared by internet users the world over? It's that endless cycle of forget and reset and racking your brain for answers to those random security questions—all the hours lost stuck at the login screen. What was my maternal grandmother’s maiden name!? 

So this year when you can't decide what to gift a friend or family member, keep Dashlane in mind. It’s the perfect gift for pretty much everyone.

Your Dad

So he doesn’t spend the holidays searching for an ancient password Post-it note

It’s that time of the year and the whole family has gathered together to eat, drink, and be on their phones. Everyone is asking Dad for the WiFi password, but try as he might he can’t find that crumpled up piece of paper he stored “somewhere safe.” 

Why gift Dashlane Premium to Dad?
Unlimited storage for every single password means he can kiss the Post-it notes goodbye.

Your Hypebeast Cousin

So he can cop that new Supreme drop

Your cousin Gerald—Tastemaker 2020—will be in a sour mood the entire time you’re at grandma’s if he misses out on that really crucial sneaker release.

Why gift Dashlane Premium to Gerald? 
Automatic form fill means he’ll fly through checkout every time.


Your World-Traveler Aunt

In the half-day between the safari and the Caribbean cruise

Renata is living her best life. After she works through her inbox (and her third glass of wine) she loves to FaceTime you from the airport bar. But entering all her personal data on public WiFi networks is risky business.

Why gift Dashlane Premium to Renata? 
Dashlane’s VPN ensures that all browsing activity is safe and private so Renata can sit back, relax, and enjoy her Riesling.

Your Office Secret Santa Draw, Gary (From Accounting!)

You’ve talked to him twice in the past five years, he has no hobbies, and has not responded to any leading questions. 

You review everything you know about Gary. Gary is a man. Gary is a man who works in an office. Gary is a man who works in an office on a computer. Gary is a man who works in an office on a computer and has a phone. 

Why gift Dashlane Premium to Gary? 
Dashlane makes the internet easier to use, so it’s perfect for any human doing anything online—including ol’ Gary.

Your Extremely Online Niece

Who has 20+ social media accounts, including a half-dozen Tumblr accounts just for her fanfiction OCs

Nia has turned into a very nice young woman, even if you have no idea what she’s talking about almost all of the time. What to get for the lady who has a combined total of 10,000 followers?

Why gift Dashlane Premium to Nia? 
Dashlane can create unique, strong passwords for each of Nia’s many accounts—plus log her in instantly so she never misses a DM from her Twitter boyfriend.

Your Gullible Grandma

Who got an email from the NICEST young man from Nigeria who just needs to borrow a tiny bit of money—but don't worry—he's royalty!

Although she now knows that “lol” does not mean lots of love and has stopped commenting “lol” on people’s social media announcements of their pets dying, Nanny is not a cybersecurity expert.

Why gift Dashlane Premium to Nanny?
Dashlane’s personalized security alerts and Dark Web Monitoring will let the family rest easy, knowing someone’s looking out for her online.

The Whole Family

Get Dashlane for everyone in your household and share passwords and logins seamlessly (no more asking mom for the wifi and dad for the Netflix password).

With the family password manager, enjoy up to six separate accounts for 75% less than the cost of six individual subscriptions. Easily upgrade from Free, or switch from Premium within 30 days to get your money back.

Dashlane truly offers something for everyone. This year give them the gift of an easier internet. They deserve it. And so do you!


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