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3 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Dashlane for Business Trial

  |  Graham Shorr

Welcome to Dashlane! We’re excited to help you improve your organization’s password health and overall security. Whether you are testing Dashlane Team or Dashlane Business (which includes our single sign-on (SSO) integration), these steps will help you get the most out of your 14-day trial.

If you want to learn more about Dashlane and why your business  should have a password manager, check out this short video.

Step 1: Customize your settings within the Admin Console

Dashlane’s Admin Console is where you can manage your company’s Dashlane account, view reports on your company’s password health, toggle policies on and off, manage integrations with other tools, and much more. Here are two integral settings we recommend exploring:

  • Set up Smart Spaces for work-life separation: From the Settings tab within your Admin Console, you can enter your company’s email and website domains, and toggle settings to automatically move all newly saved employee passwords into their Business Space. This setting  also means if an employee leaves the company, they will automatically lose access to  the items in their Business Space.
  • Enable Account Recovery for peace of mind: Secure passwords are hard to remember—that’s why we exist!— and we  recognize that employees forgetting the password to their password manager can be a nightmare scenario. That’s why we built Account Recovery. When you turn this setting on, employees will be prompted as they create an account to enable this feature. If you integrate Dashlane with your SSO provider, account recovery will be handled by your identity provider rather than Dashlane.

To learn more about how Dashlane works with the systems and technology your company have in place, check out our Help Center resources on user management and SSO.

Step 2: Invite five or more colleagues to help test the product

We know managing your company's password health involves the active participation of your teammates, which is why we’ve designed Dashlane to be the easiest to use solution on the market—regardless of how tech savvy your colleagues are. We recommend inviting at least five other people to test Dashlane during your trial period. You can add employees to your Dashlane trial from the Users tab in the Admin Console by manually typing in their email addresses or importing a spreadsheet (.csv) or text file (.txt).

We also recommend inviting at least one other colleague who you are comfortable adding as a second administrator for the account. This way, if you’re ever out of office, someone else can access the Admin Console.

Step 3: Start building a culture of security

As our CEO JD says, “security is not just a technology problem, it’s a human problem,” and securing your company requires participation from every employee. Your Dashlane trial is the perfect place to start.

We recommend clearly communicating with the employees you invite and asking them for feedback. They’ll feel connected and empowered to be a part of the cybersecurity conversation. Here’s a template you can adjust as needed for email or chat:

Hi all,

You should have already received an email from Dashlane inviting you to join our company’s account. I am piloting the product as a potential password manager for our company and would love your help! Not only will Dashlane help our company stay secure, it will also help relieve a lot of people’s frequent frustrations with forgetting passwords or not being able to access the tools they need to get their work done.

Our trial runs through ________, so I’d appreciate if you created an account, tested out the extension and web app, and let me know your thoughts!

If you want to learn more about Dashlane, check out this short video and their quick start guide.


That’s all you need to get started with your trial! To learn more about how Dashlane makes it easy to securely manage your company’s passwords, check out our Help Center or get in touch.

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