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Wall Street Journal’s “Best Tech Gifts 2018” Includes Dashlane

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The Wall Street Journal’s “Best Tech Gifts 2018” list was published recently, and we were thrilled to see that Dashlane made the cut!

WSJ's Best Tech Gifts 2018

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Here’s what they had to say about us:

“For the past few years, we haven’t been able to shut up about password managers—and Dashlane in particular. It really is the best way to make sure each password you use is unique and unguessable. Now, the premium plan gets you—or your loved ones—more, including dark web monitoring and a VPN to hide from snooping hackers and marketers.”

Give the gift of Dashlane

We’ve long considered ourselves a great holiday gift for family and friends, so it’s nice to get this recognition from WSJ as one of the “absolute best gifts” of the year. The holidays are also a perfect time to gift Dashlane, because being with family means you can help parents, kids, or a spouse get started with Dashlane, improve their online security, and speed up checkouts with our instant autofill.

You can buy Dashlane Premium as a gift for $5/month ($59.99 billed annually) here—all you need is their name and email address. Your gift recipient will thank you later!

Benefits of Dashlane Premium

Giving the gift of Dashlane Premium means making browsing faster, more enjoyable, and safer for someone you love, across all their devices.
Premium benefits:
  • Dashlane syncs across all devices, so you can access the information you needanywhere, anytime.
  • Share passwords easily without ever revealing them and never ask for the Netflix login again.
  • Do you travel often or like to work in coffee shops? Our VPN will encrypt your internet activity when you use free WiFi, so snoopers (and marketers) can’t see your private data. You can read the three key security benefits of using a VPN here.
  • Add your email address to Dashlane’s Dark Web Monitoring, and it will alert you anytime your personal information is found on the dark web, so you can take action fast to secure your accounts.
  • Premium comes with secure file storage, so you can save important information—like document scans, passports, or contracts—in Dashlane for instant, secure access anytime.

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