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Meet the New Password Management Dashboard from Dashlane

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If you’re an IT admin looking for a smarter password management solution for your business, we have some news.

Many of our current business customers have requested the ability to dig deeper into their company’s password performance to make Dashlane an even more effective tool for increasing digital security in the workplace. We’re excited to announce that this more in-depth visibility is now possible through both of our business plans, Dashlane Team and Dashlane Business.

We’re releasing a unique reporting dashboard—an industry first. This centralized view gives you unprecedented visibility into your company's password security and the ability to track improvements over time.

This means that not only can you assess employees’ password hygiene right now, but you can also better demonstrate to company leadership the effectiveness of strategies and tactics to bring your organization’s habits in line with best practices.

We know we can’t just talk the talk of password health. We have to walk the walk, too. So our first real-world trial of the reporting dashboard is—you guessed it—internally at Dashlane with our own employees.

“This reporting gives me the power to not only ensure our organization as a whole remains more secure by snuffing out any weak points,” says Jay Leaf-Clark, Head of IT at Dashlane, “but also by giving us the opportunity to better educate our employees on best practices they can take both in and outside of the workplace.”

Jay’s plan for integrating the dashboard is three-fold: raise awareness, track progress over time, and then adjust and follow up.

First, he'll will send a company-wide email explaining what the score is, where employees can find it in their own Dashlane apps, and how we’re ranking as a company. As part of this awareness effort, he also plans to book time during our weekly company all-hands meeting to do a little education and create a hashtag with the initiative’s name for memorability and increased traction.

Learn more and start a free 14-day trial of Dashlane today—no credit card required.

By checking in on our new reporting dashboard once a week, Jay can see exactly when improvements are made and who is—or is not!—taking action. Then, he can adjust his tactics and the frequency of his communications accordingly.

Following up in public Slack channels, Jay can display progress, motivate more response, and nudge lollygaggers to change their weak, reused, and compromised passwords. Plus, he can take these insights to our Head of Security, or he can deploy his own team of IT admins against the problem. (Even here at Dashlane, we understand the importance of continuous communication about smart password practices!)

Jay’s ultimate goal?

“We need to have zero compromised passwords at a minimum,” he says, “but the goal is to have at least an “A” score as a company.” Meaning: We should be hitting a score of 90 or above.

Knowledge is power. And deeper knowledge about your company’s password security is the power to prevent costly breaches and hacks.

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