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The Power of Unpredictable Passwords

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Random for a reason

When we were kids, summer seemed to stretch into infinity. That kind of uninterrupted freedom is more elusive these days. Work, chores, check lists, and waiting in endless lines. At the post office. The grocery store. The pharmacy. As we get older, life becomes repetitive and predictable. But we never quite shake the feeling that we were meant to roam free.

And as everything has moved online, managing the ins and outs of our day-to-day means dealing with hundreds of online accounts, each with annoyingly specific login requirements. We know using the same password on every account is a bad idea—that repetition can be dangerous. If someone were to get their hands on that one reused password, they’d have access to every single account.

The average American had their personal information stolen at least four times in 2019. Four times. In life and in passwords, predictability = boredom = carelessness.

We get it. The human brain was not built to remember hundreds of different passwords, especially with all those $peci@! characters. We built Dashlane because we believed the internet shouldn’t be this hard. We were sick of the complex and ever-changing login requirements, the endless forms, and feeling like we were always one hack away from our information ending up in the wrong hands. We missed the old internet. When you could explore freely without the constant pop-ups, paywalls, and prying eyes of Big Tech.

So we built a product that generates unpredictable passwords—which are random on purpose—letting you run free online once again. The rabbit who outwits the fox isn’t lucky. She’s intentionally unpredictable. Be the rabbit.

Dashlane saves these strong passwords alongside your login details in one encrypted (super safe!) place and autofills your details across the web—making every website go open sesame. No more racking your brain for the make and model of your first car while you stare into an empty form field. It’s time to remove yourself from the infinite loop of password resets.

Dashlane also watches out for you online, ensuring you stay one step ahead of the bad guys. We’ll send you a security alert if you hold an account with a company that gets breached. You can enter your email and Dashlane will monitor the dark web and immediately notify you if your information ever shows up there.

Plus, autofill works for more than just passwords. Dashlane automatically fills in your personal information, address, and credit card info so you never have to fill out forms again. Think about how easy it is to buy something on Amazon. Every website is Amazon with Dashlane. We’ve calculated that Dashlane’s autofill saves the average user 50 hours a year.

We recommend Dashlane for anyone who uses the internet. Because life is too short to let logins slow you down.

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