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Product Updates: 2FA Management, VPN Everywhere & More

Originally published:|Last updated:|Eleonore Le Bihan

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Dashlane kicked off 2022 with a major milestone: officially saying goodbye to our desktop app in order to work smarter and move faster on our web-first platform. And we’ve done even more than that!

We’re sharing our latest feature releases and other updates with you in this post, and we’ll keep you updated throughout the year as we continue to improve Dashlane.

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2FA management is now available in the web app

If you’d like additional protection on your Dashlane account, you can now set up and manage two-factor authentication (2FA) in the web app. You can choose to use 2FA any time you log in to Dashlane or only when you log in on a new device. Get instructions on how to set up 2FA in the web app here.


Password history is now available in the web app

If you’ve used the Show history feature in the Dashlane extension before, you know how useful it can be in a pinch! But the password history in the extension window only shows you the last 20 passwords generated. Now, you can access your complete password history from the web app, meaning you can see all edited and generated passwords.

Why is your complete password history helpful?

  • It helps you stay in control: You get full control over your data and can easily find a previously generated password, a password that wasn’t saved because of a glitch or bug, or an old password that you need to recover.
  • It’s right where you need it: We’re known for having the best and most intuitive UI of any password manager. Your password history is conveniently located in the Passwords section of the web app under the button View history at the top.
  • Peace of mind: We know it takes a lot to trust a third-party tool with your passwords, especially for important accounts. While Dashlane very reliably auto-saves all your passwords on the go, it’s comforting to have a backup!

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VPN is now available on all platforms 

A few months ago, we announced that an improved virtual private network (VPN) experience was available through the web app. Now, it’s also available through our iOS and Android apps, and in the Dashlane app for Safari!

We’ve partnered with Hotspot Shield to offer a standalone VPN bundled into your Dashlane plan. A VPN encrypts your online activity on unsecure WiFi networks and always keeps your personal information safe and private, wherever you are.

You can read more about our VPN here, but here’s a quick recap of the major improvements with this VPN experience:

  • By partnering with Hotspot Shield, we’re relying on their proven expertise instead of trying to replicate that support within Dashlane. Now, you can speak directly with their support team who will be able to provide dedicated help.
  • You have more virtual location options: 80+ countries and 35+ cities with Hotspot Shield vs. only 26 countries with our previous partner.
  • With a standalone VPN vs. a VPN bundled with our password manager app:
    • You can access major streaming services that might be blocked in certain regions.
    • You get unlimited bandwidth, meaning no cap on the amount of data you can send and receive while connected.
    • You’ll have all the features Hotspot Shield offers, plus their proprietary Hydra protocol.
    • Your online activities outside of just the browser will be secured.
    • There’s no need to keep Dashlane open to use the VPN.


New account management navigation

We wanted to make it easier for you to manage your Dashlane account and subscriptions. To that end, we’ve redesigned the account management section of the app to give you more visibility and options regarding your billing and other account-related actions. Check it out!

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Updates on our mobile apps

iOS navigation revamp

Last month, we updated the navigation of our iOS app to save you time and make your most important items easier to find. You can read more about the navigation improvements in detail here.


Android improvements


Dashlane is getting smarter about showing you what you’re searching for in the app. We now order your search results based on recently searched items and improved the design and criteria for clearer and more accurate suggestions.

Follow up notifications

We’re excited about this feature, and we think you will be too!

We all know how annoying it is to flip between Dashlane and your phone’s browser or another app in order to copy/paste things Dashlane can’t usually autofill on mobile—like your payment info. We can’t “fix” this completely because our app is limited by what’s allowed in the Google/Android ecosystem. So sometimes, in order to give you the best possible experience with Dashlane, we need to get a little…creative.

When you’re copy/pasting something from Dashlane like your credit card number, you’ll see a little “follow up” notification. This notification will allow you to copy/paste more of the related information without switching back to the Dashlane app.

Watch this quick demo video to see how it works.

Quick actions

While this feature was already available in the iOS app, we’ve gotten our Android app up to parity now by adding something we call “quick actions” to your items.

Tap the three dots on the right-hand side of each item listed in your Vault to bring up a mini-menu that will allow you to copy different parts of your credentials or personal data, share or delete the item, or open the corresponding website.

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Coming soon…

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Autofill improvements

The last autofill engine we rolled out, our Machine Learning Engine, was an analysis engine, meaning its job was to recognize forms and fields.

Now, our team is working on improving the experience engine, i.e. what displays the pop-ups that you see from Dashlane.

More specifically, we’ll be increasing autofill reliability and performance while also giving you more control over how your data is auto-filled. Stay tuned for more updates!


Secure file storage 

The ability to add attachments to Secure Notes was something a lot of our customers enjoyed about the desktop app, so we’re happy to report you’ll have this ability again in the next month or so.

Until then, get instructions for adding attachments to Secure Notes here to keep your most important documents secure and accessible.


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