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NEW RELEASE: Dashlane 3 for Android is here!

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The awesomeness of Dashlane 3 that we brought to you on desktop is now available on Android phones and tablets! (Get it here!) Here’s what’s new:

Share passwords and notes in the Sharing Center
Sharing passwords and notes with your family or team is easier and more secure than ever. In the new Sharing Center, you can manage all of your shared accounts – the ones that you share with others or those that have been shared with you. Plus, you can even set permissions for those that you share with.

The best part about sharing through Dashlane is that any changes that you or someone you share make to an item are updated automatically. No more asking for the new password. No more resending passwords after you update them. Just share it once and it’s synced forever!

Assign Emergency Contacts within Dashlane
For those passwords or notes that someone might need if anything happens to you, we’ve created Emergency. Give your emergency contact access to some of all of your passswords and notes. Then, choose how long you’d like to wait between the time they request to view them and the time they actually can…days, weeks, months. During that time, you can cancel any false alarms or grant access. Otherwise, they’ll be granted access automatically once the waiting period is up. (Pretty clever, right?)

Get the free update!
We’ve also made sure to squash bugs and enhance stability in this update, so you want to make sure to get it. Enjoy!

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