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Google’s new policy for Android Accessibility Services will not affect Dashlane

  |  Stan Kocken

On the 10th of November, Google announced updates to the policy for apps using Accessibility Services on Android and there was some concern that it would affect the way Dashlane and some other password managers autofill passwords.

We met with Google last week and they confirmed that Dashlane and its users will not be affected.

Using Accessibility Services is just one way Dashlane autofills passwords, names & addresses, and other data on Android. Here is a detailed and fascinating look at the ways we’ve devised and collaborated with Google to deliver the easiest, most accurate autofill on Android devices.

Dashlane works closely with Google to improve our app and the password manager ecosystem, through initiatives like implementing the Android O Autofill functionality and launching OpenYOLO. As always, Google was extremely helpful and thoughtful about our use of Accessibility Services to improve the experience for Android users and proved to be a great partner to password managers.

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