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It’s Time to Get #CyberAware for National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

  |  Malaika Nicholas

October is officially National Cyber Security Awareness Month! As a #CyberAware Champion, we’re doing our part at Dashlane by making sure our users have the resources they need to stay safer and secure online.


What is National Cyber Security Awareness Month?

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is an initiative originally developed under leadership from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance. With recent legislation and support from the White House, cyber security is continuously a popular topic of discussion and rightfully so. More specifically, there is an even stronger focus on consumers and their cyber safety. Everyone at every age is a consumer, and thus this year each theme will focus on the consumer and his/her needs regarding cyber security and safety.

You’ll Learn Something New Each Week!

National Cyber Security Awareness Month Logo

To make sure we cover all of the bases, NCSAM 2016 will focus on a different cybersecurity issue for each week in October.

Week 1: October 3 – 7

The first week of October, we’ll discuss The Basic Steps to Online Safety and Security.  We’ll share simple ways we can protect ourselves and communities along with actions to take if impacted by a breach, cybercrime or another online issue. It will also examine the outlook for cyber security jobs and how to engage young people in pursuing careers devoted to protecting the Internet.

Week 2: October 10 – 14

The theme for week two is From the Break Room to the Boardroom: Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity in the Workplace. We’ll discuss creating a culture of cybersecurity in the workplace through efforts like employee education, training, awareness and by emphasizing risk management, resistance, and resilience. Promoting an educated workforce and following best practices – with an emphasis on skill- and career-building for existing personnel and potential new entrants into the cyber security workforce – will also be highlighted.

Week 3: October 17 – 21

For week three, we’ll chat about Recognizing and Combating Cybercrime. While online crime is often associated with hackers stealing personal information for monetary gain, crime on the Internet takes many forms. Week 3 will focus on awareness of the different types of online crime, offer steps people can take to better protect themselves and address how law enforcement and others can collaborate to combat cybercrime. In addition, careers in fighting cybercrime will be spotlighted.

Week 4: October 24 – 28

Week four’s theme is Our Continuously Connected Lives: What’s Your “Apptitude”? Cyber security is fundamental to realizing the promise of new and expanded technologies. And more is still to come as smart cities, connected healthcare devices, digitized records and smart cars and homes are fast becoming our new reality. As our digital world expands, creating these cutting-edge technologies in a safe and secure way – along with building a workforce to maintain the infrastructure of our connected world – is essential. Week 4 will examine our future in this connected world and provide strategies for security, safety, and privacy.

Week 5: October 31

Finally, October 31 is themed Building Resilience in Critical Systems. The Internet underlies nearly every aspect of our everyday lives and helps form our critical infrastructure, which keeps crucial systems like electricity, transportation, and communications up and running. It’s important to protect this vast network and properly secure the systems that connect to the Internet. October 31 will emphasize the importance of critical infrastructure and highlight the roles the public can play in keeping it secure. On this last day of October, the transition to Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month in November begins.

Get Involved!

Get #CyberAware with us all month long! Here’s how you can participate:

  • Join our weekly #ChatSTC Twitter chats for NCSAM! They’ll be every Thursday afternoon from 3 pm – 4 pm EST! To join the conversation, follow us on Twitter @Dashlane, and use the hashtag #ChatSTC to contribute.
  • Share our blog posts all month long! Help educate your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone who could benefit from our cyber security tips!
  • Cast your vote in our weekly Twitter polls! We want to hear your thoughts about specific topics and themes. Therefore, each week, we’ll have a Twitter poll running on our Twitter page. Make sure to cast your vote and let your voice be heard! To vote, make sure to follow us on Twitter @Dashlane!
  • Participate in our survey for your chance to win a prize! Enter our survey below for your chance to win a FREE Dashlane T-Shirt! We’ll be giving away 3 T-Shirts every Friday in October! Winners will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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