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Project Mirror: Dashlane’s Plan to Kill the Password in 2018

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Since day 1, Dashlane has made safe password behavior possible, with a password management solution that’s secure and easy for people and businesses. That’s our mission because we believe there’s no better way to protect your digital identity.

But we also know that we haven’t solved the password problem for everyone, just yet.

Most people still don’t know how to protect their accounts and most websites continue to use passwords, despite their inconvenience and weaknesses.

It’s time to kill the password.

While other password options, like biometrics, have tried to kill the password, they have, and will continue to fall short due to the various shortcomings of biology-based solutions.

That’s why Dashlane is launching Project Mirror: Dashlane’s plan to kill the password in 2018 through a set of product innovations that make generating, typing, changing, and remembering passwords virtually obsolete. And easier than ever before – with automatic import and protection of your password portfolio.

Putting You (Effortlessly) In Control

Project Mirror’s goal is to give you back control of your digital identity, so that your logins and all other digital identification data are safe, accessed only by you, and — the clincher — are entirely automated.

Through project mirror, the Dashlane App will be the source for your digital identity — a mirror of sorts, reflecting the personal information and credentials that you use throughout the internet so that you don’t have to worry about it.

This next phase of Dashlane will ensure automatic and secure on-demand access to all of your digital accounts.

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How Will We Kill the Password?

At Dashlane, we’re constantly working to improve our core product, while putting significant emphasis on continued innovation. Since the early days of Password Changer, innovation has always been a part of Dashlane’s DNA.

Project Mirror, and the automation process we are engineering, is an evolution of those earlier Dashlane technologies.

There are several updates planned on our innovation roadmap this year under Project Mirror. The first, due for release in early 2018: Critical Account Recovery.

Step One? Protect Your Critical Accounts

Critical Account Protection combines previous Dashlane innovations to create a frictionless experience for users.

In a single click, this feature will import and secure your most important passwords in Dashlane, identifying any high-risk accounts and automatically resetting and securing those credentials.

From your iPhone or Android device, you will be able to effortlessly identify, secure, and store your entire portfolio of passwords.

In seconds, Critical Account Protection will allow you to link your email accounts, scan and view a detailed Critical Account report, and lock down any accounts you want completely protected.


Secured Accounts in Dashlane App

Watch our video to see how Critical Account Protection will work for you:

We hope you’re as excited as we are to start using this first feature launch from Project Mirror and we can’t wait to share what’s next.

Are you ready to kill the password?

Let’s go.

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