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With Dashlane Business

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Store, share and manage unique passwords securely across teams and Spaces

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Easily onboard and offboard employees with centralized admin and SAML support

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Sync access across all devices, with option for U2F authentication

Make password security effortless and universal

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"Like many people, there’s no way I can remember all my logins and passwords, especially as they’re all random. Dashlane enables me to look after them in an easy and secure way; in these days of data breaches and identity theft it gives me great peace of mind…and it logs me in automatically, which is brilliant!"
- Neil, Senior Software Engineer

"Dashlane is far more secure than a legal pad or unencrypted file on your computer, and the password generator is a great feature with the increasingly stringent password criteria. Check it out, and don’t look back!"
- Ali, IT Sourcing Manager

"I am terrible at remembering anymore, and having Dashlane has tremendously helped both at work and at home. With needing a password for everything nowadays and having to change them regularly, I don’t know how I managed before."
- Alexia, Front-End Developer

"Dashlane completely changes the game for password management. A friendly UI with great companion apps for mobile mean I don’t need to worry about always having my passwords on hand. I have referred most of my colleagues and friends to Dashlane as I find it so useful!"
- Alex, Project Coordinator

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