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Introducing Dashlane Business 2.0: Improved for Faster Deployment and Company-Wide Adoption

  |  Malaika Nicholas

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Dashlane Business 2.0! We spent the last year traveling around the country, meeting with current Dashlane Business admins and users, to better understand the challenges of deploying a security solution across a large organization.

Overall, we learned large organizations are having a difficult time deploying security software and ensuring that all employees are trained and actively using it. Moreover, many small IT departments don’t have enough time or resources to provide support to individual users during the onboarding process.

To address these specific challenges, we developed four essential features that ease provisioning, drive end-user adoption, and enhance the password security of your entire organization.

Encouraging collaboration and safer password behavior with Group Sharing

This year, our Engineering team completely rebuilt our 1:1 Sharing feature to support our latest Dashlane Business feature: Group Sharing. With Group Sharing, organizations with multiple teams or departments can now have their admins create custom groups, and securely share one or more credentials within those groups.

This means instead of sharing one Salesforce credential with nine members of your Sales team individually, now admins only have to share that credential once with the “Sales” group. Credentials can be updated or removed from a group at any time, and new employees can be added to an existing group, considerably simplifying the onboarding process.

Eliminating “Forgot Password” help desk requests with Zero-Knowledge Account Recovery

To help IT departments inundated with “Forgot Password” help desk tickets, we’re proudly introducing an industry first: a Zero-Knowledge Account Recovery process exclusively for Dashlane Business users who have mistakenly forgotten their Master Password.

To use Account Recovery, a user will have to send a request to recover their account from the Dashlane login screen, verify their account using a code sent via email or their preferred two-factor authentication method, and then create a new Master Password as part of the request.

Then, the admin will have a chance to review the request–and thanks to our “zero-knowledge” model, a user’s personal information will remain private during the entire recovery process. Once approved, the user will regain access to their Dashlane account with their new Master Password. If denied, the user may have to reset their account and will not be able to recover their saved data. 

Most importantly, this patent-pending Account Recovery process preserves Dashlane’s US-patented zero-knowledge security architecture, while giving both users and admins added peace of mind. Today, we’ll begin rolling out Account Recovery to some Dashlane Business customers, and we’ll continue to make Account Recovery available to all Dashlane Business customers by the end of the year. 

Provisioning and deprovisioning is easier than ever with Active Directory Integration and SAML 2.0

We created two features to reduce the workload on admins while provisioning and deploying Dashlane Business to your entire organization.

First, we’re introducing Active Directory Integration, which helps admins provision and deprovision users as they are created or removed from the Active Directory. When a user is added to your organization’s Active Directory, they will be invited to create a new Dashlane Business account–or simply join your organization’s account if they’re a current user–and seamlessly onboarded. We’re also introducing support for the SAML 2.0 protocol, which makes it easier to provision Dashlane Business accounts to employees using your IdP service in a simple, scalable way.

Standard features offer tools to improve employee password behavior and enhance security throughout an entire organization

Along with these new features, Dashlane Business 2.0 offers standard features to improve day-to-day efficiency and encourage better password behavior throughout the entire organization.

  • U.S. Patented Security Architecture: Dashlane is the first and only password management solution with a patented security architecture. With Dashlane Business 2.0, every employee will create a completely unique and secure Master Password that is never known or stored in Dashlane, and their data is encrypted with military-grade encryption–AES-256–the strongest in the industry. By not storing any Master Passwords–or any derivatives–anywhere, every user’s’ account remains private and secure.
  • A Constantly-Learning Algorithm: Dashlane’s Semantic Analysis Engine is always learning and analyzing new web pages to provide your employees with our lightning-fast auto-login, autofill, and password generation features.
  • Secure syncing and sharing: With Dashlane Business, each employee can safely sync their work passwords across desktop, mobile, and BYOD devices with ease. Employees can also safely share full or limited access to their work-related passwords and other data with their team members. Want more control over password sharing? Admins have the option of disabling this feature from their Admin Console.
  • Extra Security with U2F Authentication Support: Dashlane is the first password manager in the industry to provide businesses with support for the FIDO Alliance’s Universal Second Factor authentication (U2F) protocol with U2F-enabled YubiKeys. Instead of having employees hunt down 2FA codes via email or text messages, U2F-enabled YubiKeys add a physical layer of security and convenience by allowing every employee to quickly authenticate themselves with a simple tap. In addition, we recently announced support for built-in U2F authentication for Windows systems featuring the new 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors. Instead of tapping a security key or opening a mobile authenticator app, now users’ can authenticate themselves by simply clicking an on-screen button after entering your email and password into Dashlane.
  • Smart Space Management on Desktop and Mobile: A Dashlane Business exclusive, Spaces separate users’ business and personal passwords on both their mobile and desktop devices. Spaces efficiently organize work-related passwords, IDs, corporate and personal credit cards, secure notes, and other data in separate spaces within their Dashlane account, and makes them easy to find with a Space badge shown on every credential.

We’re proud to introduce Dashlane Business 2.0 as a quick, reliable password management solution to level up security and password practices across your entire organization.

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