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Introducing Dashlane 5, Our Biggest Update Yet!

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Dashlane 5 is the most beautiful, seamless, and accessible Dashlane yet! Major updates are coming your way on every platform – Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and our web app – as well as added support for Linux, Chromebook, and Microsoft Edge. Plus, we’ve refreshed our logo and brand to align with our core values: Simplicity, Universality, Privacy.

Read on, and watch our video to see what’s new:

A seamless web experience

Dashlane’s web experience has always made us stand out. With contextual prompts that guide you through seamless logins, checkouts, and generating new passwords, Dashlane users don’t have to trade security for productivity – they get both.

After listening to our users and testing new approaches, we’re unveiling a thoughtful redesign of our web experience. Here’s what’s new:

  • Not only do the Dashlane prompts to create new passwords, save them, and autofill your information have a modern and light design, but they are even more discreet and out of your way.

  • DashIQ™, the proprietary semantic technology that powers all the online activities that Dashlane helps you with, is more accurate and powerful than ever. That means frustration-free logins, more often, on more devices.
  • Should you come across a site where Dashlane doesn’t recognize a field, our self-correcting autofill will learn what you teach it from that moment on.
  • Dashlane 5 brings Dashlane web extensions to Linux, Chromebook, and Microsoft Edge for the first time – without the need to install our desktop app.

New features on mobile

  • Apple devices: Dashlane users can take advantage of the new Face ID feature on the iPhone X to securely authenticate logins. They can also use the Drag and Drop feature to move login credentials between apps on iPad.

  • DashIQ™-powered browsers: Our Safari extension and integrated Android and iPhone browsers are now backed by the most accurate credential, password, and form autofill capabilities in the industry, DashIQ™.

  • Android O: The latest Android release allows for automatic in-app logins, so you need not worry about copy/pasting or manually typing Dashlane-generated passwords.

Dashlane two-step authentication + Intel authentication

  • Dashlane two-step authentication: Log in to personal and shared accounts where two-step authentication is enabled by generating, storing, and displaying one-time passcodes right within the Dashlane app. This feature is currently available on mobile, including Apple Watch, and works on desktop with sync (a Premium feature).

  • Intel features: Dashlane has collaborated with Intel to support both its Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and built-in Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), adding an additional layer of hardware-based security for Dashlane users.

Read/write web application

  • Before, you could view your passwords and notes on any device using our web access – a Premium feature – which allowed you to log in even if you’re not on your usual device. Now, you can now add, edit, or remove credentials and payment types.

A brand redesign

Dashlane 5 is marked by a newly refreshed brand, serving to align the Dashlane brand with our core values: Simplicity, Universality, Privacy.

  • New Logo: Paired with a bespoke wordmark, a refined impala glyph is now encased within a shield to convey the trust and privacy that is core to all that we do.
  • App Icons: Dashlane apps have been updated to include over 250,00 beautiful website icons so users can easily identify their favorite sites’ logos when browsing and editing accounts.

Updates for all 

  • Password Changer™: Now you can change passwords directly from the app on more than 500 websites (and counting) thanks to DashIQ™.
  • 11 Languages: Dashlane is now available Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, and Korean, in addition to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese.
  • HackerOne: Dashlane now runs a public bug bounty program on HackerOne, a platform where thousands of ethical hackers can test Dashlane security and contribute to making our users safe. They work with Dashlane’s team of world-class security experts to find any potential risk in Dashlane to ensure that no one can exploit them.
  • HTTP Authentication: Dashlane has the ability to log you into your accounts via HTTP Basic and Digest Authentication. Simply enter and save your credential into Dashlane and Dashlane’s auto-login feature will log you in behind the scenes. Please note that this feature works best with only one credential saved per website and that the login experience is invisible.

That concludes our Dashlane 5 release. The update is on its way to your devices. For more details on specific platforms, see our release notes.

We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments. If you encounter any issues, please be sure visit our Help Center, where you’ll find all the articles we’ve created or updated for Dashlane 5 and can create a ticket.

PS: If you want to hear more about why and how we built Dashlane 5, read this Medium post by Alexis Fogel, our co-founder and Head of Product!

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