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Introducing Dashlane 4: An All-New Version on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

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Today we are thrilled to introduce Dashlane 4!

This all-new version of Dashlane combines beautiful, consistent design across Mac, Windows, iOS and Android for the most elegant user experience in any password manager, ever. This is truly unique and puts us one step closer to our mission of helping you access your passwords and manage your identity everywhere.

Plus, Dashlane now speaks 7 languagesOur app, website and emails are now available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese. This includes our powerful browser extension, allowing you to auto-log in to your accounts, autofill forms, and generate random passwords in new languages.

Here’s what you can expect to see in Dashlane 4:

From signing in to Dashlane to adding a new credit card, we’ve completely redesigned every screen and service in the app to make it consistent across platform.

Dashlane 4

Your Passwords, Notes, Personal Info, IDs, and Receipts have all been redesigned. Each service now includes list/grid views, consistent sorting options, better labeling of buttons, and persistent headers when scrolling. This makes it easier for you to add, find and edit any item in Dashlane.

dashlane 4 - password grid view pc

dashlane 4 - credential edit view pc

We’ve also added 8 templates to our Secure Notes: Apps, Databases, Financial documents, Legal documents, Memberships, Service info, Software licenses, and WiFi passwords.

dashlane 4 - notes template edit view pc

As many of you requested, you can now add a note to your credit and debit cards.

dashlane 4 - credit card details view pc

More of what’s new…

  • We’ve added 618 new international banks to your Payment options.
  • We added Password Changer support for over 200 new sites!
  • For Mac users, Dashlane 4 is fully optimized for El Capitan and supports Force Touch.
  • On iPhone, you can now use Dashlane in over 180 apps for login and account creation. See the full list here.
  • Our iOS and Android have also been updated with to keep consistent with our new desktop apps!

…and a few thing you might have missed in 2015:

We enhanced our Search functionality and added new quick actions to help you find your data and put it to use, faster.

dashlane 4 - password grid view copy password pc

Password History – Generate a password but didn’t save it? Search your Password History to find all your generated or previously used passwords.

dashlane 4 - password history pc

You also have clearer popups on the web when you log in, save passwords, use the password generator, and save receipts. Notice the easy access to your Password History. 😉

dashlane 4 - web ui password history pc

To see what else we’ve added to our apps recently, you can check out our release notes.

Ready to get a major upgrade with the all-new Dashlane 4?

For those not familiar with our pricing, there’s one important fact to note: our updates are always free. No charging per version here. If you already have a free or Premium Dashlane account, then Dashlane 4 is on its way to you right now on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. With Premium, you can keep your passwords in sync across unlimited devices, get secure backups for your account, VIP support, and more (like supporting our awesome team). Consider an upgrade to Premium today!

We love hearing from you, our faithful users! Please share your feedback in the comments. If you encounter any issues, please be sure to create a ticket for our Support Team. They’re the experts and that’s how to get issues resolved fastest.

Lots of hard work and love went into this update, and we hope you enjoy Dashlane 4 as much as we enjoyed building it! 🙂

PS: If you want to hear more about why and how we built Dashlane 4, check out this post on Medium by Alexis, our co-founder and Director of Product!

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