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Passkeys Explained: How to Manage Passkeys

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Welcome back to our series on passkeys! In case you missed it, in our first post, we took a deep dive into everything from simple explanations to detailed descriptions defining passkeys and how they work. 

Now that you understand what passkeys are and how to create them, let’s explore the management side of things a bit more.

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How can a password manager help me manage my passkeys?

Password managers simplify passkey management by providing a secure, centralized place to store them—like a digital key ring. Some password managers also streamline the passkey creation and login process. With Dashlane, managing passkeys is as easy as 1-2-3: 

  1. When you log in or create an account for a website that uses passkeys, we’ll ask if you want to create a passkey for that site. Confirm, and you’re done!
  2. Once a passkey is created for a website or app, whenever you want to log in to that website, Dashlane will identify the passkey created for that specific website and log you in automatically. Confirm, and you’re in!
  3. When you open your Dashlane vault, you’ll see your saved passkeys alongside other logins, so you can view, edit, and delete passkeys as needed.

Saving your passkeys in a password manager also ensures that your passkeys are accessible no matter what device you’re using. This means you won’t be stuck without your passkeys on mobile because you saved them in your web browser, for example. Dashlane works seamlessly across platforms, so whether you’re logging in on Mac or Windows, iPhone or Android, your passkeys are right there with you.

If my passkeys are stored in my phone, what happens if I lose or replace my phone?

If you store your passkeys on your mobile device and then you lose that device, you’re not out of luck—as long as those passkeys are saved and synced with a password manager. Dedicated password managers like Dashlane and native options like iCloud Keychain and Google Password Manager all offer cloud sync, so if you lose your phone, you’ll need to sign in to your password manager somewhere else, and you’ll be able to retrieve all your synced passkeys.

How does account recovery work with passkeys?

Account recovery as a concept is separate from passkey management. Each website or platform will have different requirements when it comes to recovering forgotten account details. Depending on the account, you may be able to regain access through email. However, more critical accounts, such as banking, will likely require you to complete additional steps to prove your identity.

Dashlane’s account recovery helps you regain access to your Dashlane vault in a pinch. Be sure you set it up!

If my company uses passkeys, what happens when the employee who created the passkeys leaves the organization?

Short answer: It depends on how your company handles credential management. If employees are saving credentials on their local devices or in individual password manager accounts, there’s no way for you to revoke or regain that credential when that person leaves. If, however, the passkey is stored in a business password manager like Dashlane, it’s easy to revoke access, so the passkey won’t be available to the user once they leave the company. Learn more about revoking business credentials in our Help Center.

How do I set up passkeys on a new device?

Each device and account will have a different setup flow when it comes to creating passkeys. Check out our previous post for specific examples and videos on passkey creation.

How do passkeys work/sync between different devices?

If you already use a password manager, or if you’ve ever played a game or watched a streaming service on one device and picked up where you left off on another, you’ve seen syncing in action. Passkeys sync across devices with a password manager like passwords and other data do. An example of this is when you create the passkey for your Amazon account on your desktop and then browse and buy from your phone on your couch. And with passkeys, the login process is even faster, so you’ll never miss a lightning deal.

As more companies and platforms lean into passkey adoption, you’ll find yourself creating them more often. But passwords aren’t going away anytime soon. That’s why Dashlane makes managing your passwords and passkeys equally simple, seamless, and secure.

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