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G2 Names Dashlane a Password Manager & Single Sign-On (SSO) Leader

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We’re thrilled to share that G2 has named us as leaders in the password manager and SSO space!

G2 is a popular peer-to-peer review site where anyone can check out honest opinions and recommendations on software and other tools. Each year, G2 awards businesses across a variety of categories based on reviews and user satisfaction. G2 prides itself on honest, unbiased reviews—no one can buy their way into a good rank, so you know you’re getting the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Dashlane’s G2 awards

This winter, Dashlane earned multiple awards across the Password Manager and SSO categories:

  • Best Est. ROI Leader
  • Momentum Leader
  • Mid-Market Leader
  • Password Manager Leader
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) Leader

We appreciate the great feedback and are proud to have earned a spot in these top ranks!

What customers are saying

We love hearing from our customers. A mid-market analyst recently hyped Dashlane as the best application to securely save passwords, and one IT admin praised our user-friendly platform after making the switch from LastPass. Read some of their thoughts below.

“Dashlane is a very powerful application for securely saving passwords. I use Dashlane Business to save passwords of my important accounts. Dashlane's ability to automatically generate very strong passwords and display the password's strength is the finest feature that I like."

—Abhinav Ranganath P.
Senior Analyst

“I had a great overall experience using Dashlane Business. It is a safe and effective tool for productivity. We use Dashlane Business to store all of our information and passwords in one location that is safe and secure. Overall, I would suggest it to any small firm with frequently shared passwords."

—Abhinav Ranganath P.
Senior Analyst

“Dashlane Business is a sleek and user-friendly password management tool. We migrated from LastPass and the management of the platform is far more simple. Registration was easy and it allowed us to also enable SSO to make user authentication even smoother.”

—Verified User in Information Technology and Services

“[Dashlane] aimed to solve:

Being User Friendly. We have a lot of users who don't really understand the importance of keeping passwords safe, even after training sessions.

Easy Administration. One of the drawbacks with LastPass was its overly complex means of managing departing users. In order for an admin to be able to move or archive a vault, every single user needs to re-authenticate via the browser extension since that admin was elevated. Sounds complex, right? It is. This eats up a license as the vault still exists. Dashlane made it simple—just archive the user and re-assign the passwords.”

—Verified User in Information Technology and Services

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