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Introducing the Dashlane Status Page

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We’re excited to announce the Dashlane Status Page. This page represents our commitment to transparency—one of Dashlane’s core values—and to reliability, which is a critical component of our users’ experience.

Dashlane is a truly global product, serving nearly 10 million customers and over 7,000 businesses in 150 countries across platforms and devices. We know that Dashlane needs to work everywhere you are at all times, because you rely on Dashlane to simplify your online life and secure your digital identity and your business. And that’s why we felt the Dashlane Status Page was imperative.

You can visit the Dashlane Status Page here ( to check if Dashlane systems are 100 percent operational. It’s important to note that on the rare occasion that Dashlane systems are down, you can still access and use Dashlane offline (unless you’ve enabled 2FA for every login).

Dashlane’s reliability is something we are proud of. We work tirelessly to ensure Dashlane systems are up and running 24/7/365.

Dashlane Status Page

We’re using a service called, considered the industry leader in the space, to power our status page. It will illuminate not just downtime, but performance issues, service disruptions, and even planned maintenance.

If you have any questions about the status page, please post them in the comments below and we will be happy to answer them. You can also reach out to us on Twitter by tagging @Dashlane.

You can learn more about Dashlane by visiting our website. Interested in Dashlane Business? Click here to learn more.

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