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What does Dashlane’s new look mean for you?

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If you’re here, that means you’ve heard that Dashlane’s getting a new look—and now you’re wondering how it affects you. We’ll get right to it: The Dashlane you know and love will work the same as it did before. All your passwords are in your vault where you left them, and autofill still speeds you through online forms and checkouts. While the app functionality hasn’t changed, the introduction of this new look is the first of many improvements to come.  

If the features aren’t changing, what is?  

Our logo 

The most visible update is our logo. Anywhere you’d see the old logo—the shield and impala—you’ll soon see the new Dashlane D. That means in places like login boxes and online form fields, you’ll see a small, dark green logo instead of a blue impala. The extension and autofill magic will still work the same as before.  

The Dashlane app icon 

The app icon on your phone or in your desktop tray will be updated to match our new logo. If you’re searching for the app on your phone or desktop, keep an eye out for the new, darker Dashlane green with our white logo in the center.

The colors, typeface, and in-app icons

We’ve also made some updates to our Dashlane colors. In order to make this transition to our new look as smooth as possible, we’ve preserved certain important elements, such as alert colors. Those will still be in red so you know to take action whenever you see one pop up.

All the icons you interact with in our app—such as the alerts icon—will look very similar to what you’re used to, just with a bolder, friendlier visual style to match our new logo. Finally, we’ll also be updating all our typefaces, so everything is a little warmer, lighter, and easier to read.

Why the change?  

The internet is even more frustrating than it was when Dashlane was launched back in 2009. We want our app to minimize online stress—not add to it. Our brand served us well, but it was time for an update that better reflected where we’re going as a company: to a radically easier internet.

What’s next?  

2020 is going to be a big year for Dashlane, and it all starts with this new look. If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center where you can contact us. These updates are to make Dashlane even better for you, so we’re always here for your questions, comments, or concerns. Stay tuned for more exciting things from Dashlane—and thanks for being a part of our journey to a simpler and safer internet for all.

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