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Dashlane Makes a Statement in the Sunday New York Times


Dashlane took over the back page of the New York Times Business section today—and it’s no coincidence that we did so on the night of the Big Game. We knew Big Tech would be there (and we’ll be there, too!) and we couldn’t let an opportunity to set the record straight pass us by: The cost of all that Big Tech convenience is your data and your privacy. But you have a choice.

Read the full text of our piece below:

PaS$W0RDs AR3 A #$^&%*! P@iN.

Each of us has an average of 200 passwords to remember. 200.

200 reasons to need that “I forgot” button. 200 chances to misremember how we once typed our kindergarten teacher or first pet’s name into someone else’s system.

Digital life needs unblocking and unlocking, and Dashlane does just that: passwords, payments, and personal info secured in one instantly accessible place that only you control.

Sure, we can all let Big Tech store the passwords. Easy. The default choice. And during tonight’s Big Game, they’ll try hard to soothe concerns about privacy and security. They have to do that—they profit off personal data. They need us all to be okay with that. We’re not.

We, Dashlane, will be on the Big Game too, and unlike Big Tech, we don’t trade on your personal information. By design we can’t even see it.

None of us has to sacrifice digital independence; none of us has to donate ourselves to Big Tech to access our own digital lives.

Choice has arrived: Password pain or Dashlane.

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