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Dashlane in Dark Mode & Dark Theme

  |  Eleonore Le Bihan

Dashlane has just released a new version of our app that supports “Dark Mode” in iOS and “Dark theme” in Android.

These new settings change the usually bright themes of iOS and Android to darker colors. A darker color scheme is better for your eyes in low-light situations—decreasing strain and discomfort—and it doesn’t disturb those around you like a bright screen usually would. This simple switch not only makes it easier to view your screen comfortably in dark environments, but it can also reduce power usage.

Dashlane’s update seamlessly changes our app’s interface to darker colors whenever you’ve enabled Dark Mode or Dark theme on your device. Below, take a look at the update.

Dashlane is committed to helping you live a safer, simpler life online. That means giving you an app compatible with the most up-to-date technology, like Dark Mode and Dark theme.

Now you can enjoy an even better experience storing and accessing your passwords and personal info in Dashlane.

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