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Dashlane Business – Now with Rapid Deployment and Exclusive Smart Space™ Control Over Company Passwords

Originally published:|Last updated:|Malaika Nicholas


Since the launch of Dashlane Business earlier this year, we’ve worked closely with thousands of companies–from small businesses to large enterprises–to understand the needs of organizations and their employees when it comes to protecting private data.

The requirements were clear: You need a robust, innovative solution that gives you oversight of the people and passwords that can put your company at risk, and helps you strengthen any weak links sooner.

We realize there are more important things to do than spend precious time manually onboarding new employees, holding multiple employee training sessions, and answering dozens of support requests from employees struggling to adopt heavy security software they’ll rarely use.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest enhancements to Dashlane Business. Our new release includes new features that allow you to:

  • Deploy Dashlane faster to your team, department, or enterprise. We’re talking about days, not weeks!
  • Encourage early adoption and engagement among employees
  • Gives you Smart Space™ controls over business accounts that still respect the privacy of your employees’ personal data

To aid with company-wide deployment at scale, Dashlane Business now automates user provisioning using the latest SAML and MSI-based technologies so you can begin monitoring adoption and password security that much faster.

Our new release of Dashlane Business also introduces an innovative and exclusive industry first. Now, employees can efficiently organize and protect both their personal and professional credentials thanks to our exclusive Smart Space Management™ feature. This feature also gives you the ability to monitor and improve password security for assigned work credentials–without compromising their privacy. When an employee leaves your organization, Dashlane Business’ Remote Deprovisioning prevents compromise of internal data by helping you effortlessly revoke access and secure company logins. Smart Space Management™ is available only on Dashlane Business, making it easy for your employees to use Dashlane for work and personal purposes, but giving you complete control over their work-related credentials.

We’re also launching Custom Policy Settings to help companies embrace the consumerization of IT, thus boosting employee productivity, saving your IT department time and money, and ultimately helping your entire organization reach important business goals. These settings give you more control over your organization’s password security and sharing policies for all users and teams, on all devices.  

Smart Space Management

Launching this update is a tremendous accomplishment for us. We began as a company that wanted to make identity and payments simple and secure for consumers everywhere, and we’ve spent the past 7 years dedicated to researching, testing, and building one of the leading password managers in the industry. Now, our company and mission have grown to include solving password and identity management problems for teams and organizations of all sizes. But one thing hasn’t changed: we continue to develop a product designed with you in mind.

Today, we proudly present our latest update of Dashlane Business–a simple, innovative enterprise solution built to protect and empower organizations and their employees. 

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