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Behind the Scenes: Dashlane’s Big Game Commercial

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Why was this the year we headed to Sunday’s game? Well, the thing we care most about has become a universal problem: password pain. We’ve all felt it. The constant frustration of forgetting and resetting your ever-expanding list of account passwords. Plus, there’s a growing sense that you’re always one hack away from a bad situation. And it feels like it’s all just the price you have to pay to use the internet. 

We’re on a mission to let the world know: It doesn’t have to be this way. We believe everyone should have a simple way to manage their digital identity—that privacy shouldn’t be the consumer’s problem. That’s why we’re building a solution, an easier internet for all.

But here’s the thing. Cybersecurity hasn’t traditionally been the sexiest subject, and while tech-savvy folks fast adopted password managers, many of us aren’t there yet. So we needed a platform as universal as the problem to take this message to the masses.

The Big Game is the one day everyone opts into commercials, and brands bring their strongest ideas to the table. But before tackling the largest audience we could find, we sought out a creative partner who could pack a punch; we found them in Lightning Orchard. Halfway through their pitch, we told their team to stop. We already knew they had it: a killer sense of humor and the creative force to launch an iconic brand.

The Concept

Lightning Orchard pitched the problem and solution at the mythological level. A man finds himself traveling between the good place and the bad place. As he realizes he’s headed for the light—BAM!—password please. All of our compounded password pain crystallizes in the absurdly funny moment when our hero is quite literally locked out of heaven.

We originally visualized filming in a swamp in New Orleans but were equally excited to head to the Universal Backlot lake, where Jaws—and even more appropriately, Bruce Almighty—was filmed. Watch the full commercial and check out some behind-the-scenes shots from an incredible day on set above. Or, see our billboard up in SoHo below.

And stay tuned for more Dashlane. Less password pain.

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