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Apple’s New Voice Control Is a Major Accessibility Upgrade

  |  Eleonore Le Bihan

The latest version of Apple’s iOS is out this week, and in addition to the usual feature upgrades and performance improvements, iOS 13 is making serious strides in the realm of accessibility. “Accessibility” refers to the ability of people with mental and physical disabilities to access the full range of features and benefits offered by a product—something many people take for granted as the baseline experience. (For example, if you had a visual impairment, you may need something called a screen reader to hear the content read aloud.)

In the case of iOS 13, the update includes Voice Control, which allows unprecedented access and control over an iPhone’s or iPad’s functions using just simple voice commands. Not only can you now “ask” your device to open and close apps or place a call, but you’ll also be able to scroll, swipe, pinch, and zoom—with your voice.

This is an obvious boon for those with mobility, vision, or fine motor issues that might make holding a mobile device or typing and tapping on a screen difficult or impossible. It’s also, of course, very handy for scrolling down to see the rest of a recipe when your hands are covered in flour or answering a text when your phone is just out of reach.

At Dashlane, we’re committed to increasing the accessibility of our product, too, so we’re happy to be supporting Voice Control commands. Our latest update will allow you to navigate Dashlane intuitively with just your voice, including viewing, adding, and copying credentials. You can see an example of how a Voice Control command works in Dashlane below:

Accessible tech is a hot topic, and there’s wide open room for more advancements—and not just in the tech sector. Fully 15% of the global population has a disability, so increasing access to the full experience of the world should be a priority for every business.

If you haven’t upgraded your device to iOS 13, you can find helpful instructions here. We’ll be discontinuing service for the iOS 12 version of our app, so please ensure your Dashlane app is up to date.

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