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Android 11 Is Here! Here’s What’s Improved for Dashlane on Android

  |  Jonathan Salamon
Dashlane updates for Android 11

With the rolling release of Android 11—now available on select devices—let's take a look at the updates to see the improvements you can expect in terms of security and privacy.

Autofill in keyboards

As a Dashlane user, you know that our Android app takes full advantage of Android's Autofill API. As one of our key core features, Autofill lets you fill web-views, forms, and native apps with your credentials (including address, credit cards, and more).

We are excited to see that Android's Autofill API is getting some major improvements: Starting with Android 11, Dashlane will be able to provide suggestions directly in your compatible keyboard—a great alternative to the dropdown that currently appears under fields. (More places for Dashlane to take care of things for you is always better!)

As detailed by Google, it is secure and only provides the UI component that the keyboard needs to display. Your keyboard app will never have access to your data.

Permission changes

Another great improvement to user privacy is that you will now be able to grant a permission for an app only for the current "session."

It is a one-time permission: As soon as the app is closed, the permission will be revoked so you are completely sure nothing bad happens. This won't affect Dashlane any more than any other specific app, but we think it's a smart decision on the part of Google to help users audit application permissions in general.

One more thing is the new permissions auto-reset: even if you have granted some permissions to an app "forever", if you don't use the app for a long time, the system will revoke the granted permissions.

Even more security/privacy improvements come in Android 11: stronger biometric authentication, more secure protocols for VPNs, and stronger file access security.

We are very happy about these improvements for Dashlane customers.

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