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A New Mac Release + 3 Ways To Find Any Password In Dashlane

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Today we released a version Mac that brings with it some of your popular requests! Plus, we now have 3 ways to help you find any password that you’ve stored or generated using Dashlane.

In our new Mac release, version 3.5, we’ve unified our experience across across Safari, Chrome and Firefox. This includes support for Chrome 42 while it’s in its last days of beta testing.  It also brings a fresh new look and experience when using Dashlane on the web.

Plus, after this update, you’ll no longer need to close your browsers to update Dashlane, thanks to much hard work on the behind-the-scenes operations of Dashlane in your browser.

We’ll pause while you do a cartwheel…

This release also includes one of three new way of helping you find and use any password that you’ve stored or generated using Dashlane.

First, we’ve added a way for you to autofill not just the password that’s saved in Dashlane, but also the last password that you generated. You can also view your Password History from here. See below.

Second, there’s your Password History, which you can access in the app by going to Tools > Password History. Your Password History is a list of all the passwords you currently have saved in the app, that you’ve generated on the web, or that you’ve replaced in Dashlane. See below.

And finally, there’s our new Search that lets you find and copy passwords right from the Search bar, making it much easier to find and copy passwords for your apps and programs on your computer.

If you’re not yet running Dashlane version 3.5 for Mac, you can get today’s release by going to Dashlane > Check for updates (see below).

Or you can get the free upgrade by visiting

NOTE: If you’re running the Mac App Store version of Dashlane, this release will be available to you in a matter of days. Stay tuned & we’ll update you as soon as it’s out!

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