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10 Times Dashlane Made IT Professionals’ Lives Easier

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Dashlane celebrates IT Professionals Day with insight from IT admins.

September 20th is IT Professionals Day, and we’re celebrating by looking back on some moments IT professionals have shared with us. Read on to hear firsthand accounts from IT admins and business execs about when Dashlane’s password manager made their lives easier.

1. When they managed a mountain of passwords

“Dashlane has a great impact on my job. I have 115 passwords saved in Dashlane, and I don’t have to remember any.” 

Tom Kowalkowski, IT Technician, Sheehan Nagle Hartray Architects

2. When their organization’s reputation was at stake

“Our strongest tools are our reputation and relationships. A breach could do more than take our security; it could remove the trust from our name that we’ve worked so hard to build.” 

Chelsea Richardson, Principal, Vice President at JD+A

3. When they were one leaked spreadsheet away from a breach

“The marketing team went from passing passwords around in a spreadsheet to immediately and securely sharing access to the tools they need.” 

Steven Stanley, Senior VP of Technology, ePromos

4. When they wanted to empower employees and establish a human-first security culture

“People are competitive with themselves on their security scores, which is really nice because then it’s intrinsic and it’s not like we’re telling them what to do. It’s like they understand what’s important and they just do it on their own. So I think it’s empowering in a way.”

Megan Rose, Technology Manager, KHM Travel

5. When their organization was in growth mode

“We grew really quickly, and maintaining strong security practices was hard.” 

Ben Silver, Manager of IT Support, BentoBox

6. When they needed to streamline onboarding

“It used to take six hours to help employees get access to all the tools they need. Now, with Dashlane, it takes 30 minutes … We were able to easily provision new employees in new states and we couldn’t have done it without Dashlane.”

Steven Stanley, Senior VP of Technology, ePromos

7. When their customers expected a high level of cybersecurity

“Current and potential enterprise customers were asking for very detailed security… Our password policies needed to be stronger to meet their expectations. We needed to set policies in place and have a tool that made those policies easier to follow.” 

Steven Stanley, Senior VP of Technology, ePromos

8. When they wanted to boost their family’s password management

“I love that we can share Dashlane with friends and family; that’s awesome. I care about the security of everyone’s digital footprint. Give it to your significant other, your kids, your parents; become cybersecurity champions for your families. Then you’ll become more aware of the security of your digital footprint at work.” 

Joe McLain, CIO at Buena Vista University

9. When their coworkers traveled for work

“I regularly book travel arrangements for our employees. Before, we had travel spreadsheets that included a lot of private information. Now, it’s in Dashlane so people can securely share it with me.” 

Carissa Tilford, Director of Operations at JD+A

10. When they were offboarding users

It’s a lot easier to offboard people [with Dashlane] because you just go in and remove their account. It saves time and there’s just that level of comfort knowing that you revoke something and they won’t have access to it.” —Megan Rose, Technology Manager, KHM Travel

Bad password practices put company security at risk.

Our Password Management 101 white paper explores why and provides steps that organizations can take to improve their password security.

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