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10 Million People Globally Use Dashlane to Manage Passwords

  |  Dashlane

We’re excited to announce a thrilling milestone in the growth of our company: 10 million Dashlane users around the globe.

Dashlane has become the standard for easily creating, protecting, and managing strong passwords and quickly auto-filling forms. To date, Dashlane has performed 1.6 billion auto-logins and filled out nearly 3 billion online forms, saving users from the headache of forgotten passwords and making online interactions fast and seamless.

Typing passwords and personal information and constantly clicking “Forgot password” wastes precious time. Dashlane users have saved 60 billion seconds by using Dashlane—that’s the equivalent of 1 billion minutes, 690,000 days, or almost 2,000 years otherwise spent manually entering passwords and filling out online forms. Yes, users have saved 19 centuries’ worth of time by simply using a password manager. In addition to reaching 10 million users worldwide, Dashlane continues to grow in other ways:

  • Dashlane has facilitated over 77 million checkout transactions
  • More than 10,000 businesses rely on Dashlane Business for their password management needs
  • Dashlane users reside in over 180 countries across the globe
  • Dashlane has 114 full-time employees and growing

“We want to help as many people as possible gain control of their online identities and ditch poor password practices. You don’t need to be ultra tech savvy to benefit from a password manager. In fact, we want anyone to feel empowered to use Dashlane.” said Emmanuel Schalit, CEO at Dashlane. “We’re thrilled to have brought Dashlane to 10 million people around the globe and look forward to continuing to innovate and serving the next 10 million people.”

Don’t use a password manager? Download Dashlane and enhance your digital experience with speedy logins and autofill across all your devices, backed by Dashlane’s patented security architecture. Join over 10 million happy customers today!

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